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"Colonel Computron Strikes Back--With A Vengeance"

Police Captain Darryl Frye, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, and Detective Frank Curtis, are in attendance at W.W. Wiggins' son's birthday party. As Willard, Jr. attempts to blow out the candles on his monstrous birthday cake, it suddenly splits open, revealing Colonel Computron. Curtis fires on Colonel Computron, while Frye radios for back-up. Colonel Computron grabs Wiggins. Allen, as the Flash, steals Wiggins away from Colonel Computron.

Colonel Computron grabs the Flash, who immediately begins vibrating their molecules at super-human speed. Colonel Computron retaliates by releasing computer-generated pulse missiles. Only by maintaining his super-speed vibrations, is the Flash able to survive the steady barrage, from the pulse missiles. After fleeing proves futile, the Flash uses a spinning maneuver to force the pulse missiles to collide with one another. By the time the Flash returns to Wiggins' estate, as Allen, Colonel Computron is gone.

At home, watching a news reports on Colonel Computron's latest attack, Basil and Francine Nurblin continue to accuse one another of being Colonel Computron. Their argument is interrupted by their daughter, Luna, returning home from college. Allen discovers a crystalline residue in the grass, that only he can see, due to his super-speed enhanced perception. Analyzing the substance in the police laboratory, Allen believes he may have found a way to track Colonel Computron.

Digger Harkness, the notorious Captain Boomerang, arrives in Central City. Wiggins is addressing the crowds at the New Toy Symposium, when he is attacked by remote-controlled, flying "General Computron" toys. The Flash arrives to discover Wiggins being carried away, inside of a stasis field, generated by the "General Computron" toys. Before the Flash can reach him, Wiggins is rescued by Captain Boomerang. The Flash is attacked by the "General Computron" toys.

Captain Boomerang offers to protect Wiggins from Colonel Computron, to honor a debt he feels he owes to Wiggins. The Flash destroys the "General Computron" toys. The Flash attacks Captain Boomerang. Captain Boomerang uses the centrifugal force of the Flash's spinning attack to launch himself into the air. The Flash reveals to Wiggins that Colonel Computron is one of Wiggins employees. Colonel Computron attacks Captain Boomerang. Colonel Computron offers to kill the Flash, in exchange for Captain Boomerang's betrayal of Wiggins.

American Gothic

Kent Nelson, staring into the Orb of Nabu, sees a series of cataclysms, occurring across the Earth. Nelson determines that the source of the potential crisis to come can be found in Iowa. Despite his wife Inza's protestations, Nelson goes to investigate, as Doctor Fate. Vern Copeland, the curator of the Boston Museum of Natural History, seeks to get in contact with Nelson. In an Iowa cornfield, Doctor Fate is drawn to a single ear of corn, embedded with a scarlet gemstone. Doctor Fate is floored by a powerful burst of mystic energy from the gem.

Upon recovery, he is accosted by the owner of the cornfield, who levels a shotgun on Doctor Fate. Doctor Fate paralyzes the farmer with a spell of immobility. Surprisingly, as soon as Doctor Fate turns away from the farmer, he is shot in the back. The mystic force blasting forth from the barrel of the shotgun, overwhelms all of Doctor Fate's mystic defenses. hurling Doctor Fate into another dimension. Inza takes the call from Copeland, and agrees to meet with him, regarding giving a lecture at the museum. The farmer reveals himself to be something more than human, as Doctor Fate plummets through dimensions.

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