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Through A Glass, Permanently!

Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, enters a discotheque, with his neighbor, Fiona Webb. Allen is astonished to see Samuel Scudder, the notorious Mirror Master, performing in a dance contest. Scudder, as the Mirror Master, puts the crowd in stasis, so he can steal a glittering disco globe. Allen, as the Flash, confronts the Mirror Master. The Mirror Master reflects a beam of solid light into the Flash's back, giving him time to escape, through a mirror, with the globe. The Flash vibrates through the mirror as well, ending up in a back alley.The Mirror Master has escaped.

In his secret lair, the Mirror Master speaks with Narcissa, a beautiful Atlantean woman trapped inside an ancient mirror. The Mirror Master has a plan to free her, by having the Flash take her place. The Flash, as Allen, analyzes the mirror the Mirror Master escaped through, with his assistant, Patty Spivot. Allen's analysis is inconclusive. The Mirror Master goes on a crime spree, always escaping the Flash through a mirror. To discern how the Mirror Master is pulling off his escapes, the Flash begins altering his vibratory frequency, each time he runs through a mirror.

The Mirror Master abducts the Mayor of Central City. The Flash tracks the Mirror Master back to Sol's Haberdasher, momentarily falling prey to one of the Mirror Master's illusions. The Flash is on the verge of apprehending the Mirror Master, when the villian informs the Flash that the mayor is in a death trap. The Mayor is on the verge of being incinerated, when the Flash arrives to rescue him. The Mirror Master, though, has taken the opportunity to escape. Back in his hidden lair, the Mirror Master listens to Narcissa's tale.

Narcissa escaped the sinking of Atlantis by transporting herself into an ancient mirror. The destruction of Atlantis, however, was so total that the machines needed to pull her back out were lost. The Mirror Master smuggled the ancient Atlantean mirror into the states, never suspecting that it contained the beautiful Narcissa. Falling in love with her, the Mirror Master used his extensive knowledge of mirrors to try to release her. Though the Mirror Master ultimately failed, he did learn how to teleport himself through mirrors. By triangulating the angle the Mirror Master entered the mirrors to escape, the Flash tracks the Mirror Master to the Wheating Glass Works.

The Mirror Master immediately leaps into a mirror to escape, but this time the Flash follows him. Knowing the Flash has hit upon the proper vibratory frequency to enter Narcissa's mirror, the Mirror Master begins to draw the Flash towards it. The Flash ceases vibrating, causing him to crash into the mirror, shattering it. With the love of his life lost, the Mirror Master falls to his knees, weeping inconsolably. Unaware of what has happened, the Flash tries to comfort the Mirror Master.

Apocalypse of The Fifth Sun!

Doctor Fate enters the Boston Museum of Natural History, finding two security guards preparing to sacrifice the curator, to the Aztec God, Totec. Inza Nelson tries writing a novel of her life, as the wife of Doctor Fate. Nelson has become increasingly unhappy with sharing her husband, Kent, with the Lord Of Order, Nabu. When Kent felt the call to action, Nelson tried, futilely, to convince Kent to abandon his role as Doctor Fate.

Kent, though, felt duty bound to put on the Helmet of Fate, and address the latest crisis. Nelson recalls Kent's history with Nabu. As a child, Kent had been taken on an archaeological expedition to the Valley Of Ur, by his father, Sven. Kent unwittingly freed Nabu from suspended animation, releasing a poison gas that killed Kent's father. Nabu took Kent under his wing, and trained him in the mystic arts.

At the end of Kent's apprenticeship, Nabu's mortal shell fell away, revealing his true appearance, as a Lord of Order. Nabu infused his essence into a golden helmet, which, when worn by Kent, transformed him into Doctor Fate. Unwilling to allow Kent to face the unknown danger alone, Nelson leaves the Tower of Fate, and drives to Boston.

With the sacrificial ritual complete, the stone statue of Totec comes to life, as the old God returns to the mortal world. Doctor Fate attempts to cast Totec out, but the old God is not so easily removed. Nelson enters the fray, quickly being subdued by Totec, who then uses Nelson to dispatch Doctor Fate. With both Nelson and Doctor Fate his prisoners, nothing remains to stop Totec from ushering in the apocalypse.

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