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One More Blip... and You're Dead!

Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, attends young Troy Nathan's birthday party. Allen gives Nathan a "Captain Computron" toy. Willard Wiggins, the owner of the Wiggins Toy Corporation, awards the toy's designer, Basil Nerblin, a cash bonus. Nerblin's wife, Francine, is outraged that Nerblin has been given, and accepted, such a paltry sum for his brilliance. That night, a digital being exits Nathan's "Captain Computron" toy. Alerted to the noise, Nathan's father, Mack, confronts the strange being, and is subdued. The sound of an explosion brings Allen running, as the Flash.

After dousing the flames in Nathan's apartment, the Flash takes off after the digital intruder.The Flash loses the trail, at a street lamp, where the strange creature converted itself into pure electricity, to escape. Allen is asked to fix the "Captain Computron" toy, as it has ceased to function. Allen discovers a cluster of micro-components that seem to serve no function in the toy. Allen receives a call from the toy's seller. The toy purchased for Nathan was actually a special model, meant for Wiggins' son. Allen agrees to bring the toy back.

His suspicions raised, Allen decides to investigate the matter, as the Flash. Wiggins discovers Colonel Computron waiting for him, in his den. Wiggins is abducted. The Flash discovers the break-in at Wiggins. and tracks him back to the International Toy Symposium. Colonel Computron brings Wiggins before a gigantic video game screen. Colonel Computron levels a strange weapon at Wiggins, only to have the Flash take the shot. The Flash is digitized, reappearing on the video screen.

Transformed into living electronic impulses, the Flash is bereft of his super-human speed, and under assault from Colonel Computron's digital minions. Using his complete control over his own molecular structure, the Flash is able to escape from the video screen, and rematerialize back into flesh and blood. Colonel Computron flees. The Flash frees Wiggins. Nerblin jokingly accuses his wife of being Colonel Computron, when, in all likelihood, Nerblin, himself, is the Flash's newest adversary.

The Heart is the Hunter

Doreen Day is accosted by the Hyena, in her sister's bedroom. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, tackles the Hyena, and the two begin fighting. At the sound of Day's parents, outside the bedroom door, the Hyena flees. Firestorm hands Summer Day's diary over to her father, then takes off in pursuit of the Hyena. Reading Summer's diary, the Day family learn that Summer, is, in fact, the Hyena. Summer's father, Bert, had always resented Summer, simply for the fact that she was not a boy. Summer excelled in many activities trying to win her father's love, eventually following him into the police force.

When Summer failed the academy, the disappointment in her father's eyes drove her into a rage. After destroying all of her trophies, Summer joined the Peace Corps, ending up in Africa. One night, Summer was drawn to a native's distress. Investigating, Summer was bitten by the man. Responding to her screams, the camp guide discovered a were-hyena standing over Summer, and gunned it down. Shortly after returning to the states, Summer suffered her first transformation into the Hyena. Summer tried to exercise self-control over her bestial mind by attacking criminals. Her hatred for her father, though, transferred her rage to all police officers, too.

As the Hyena, Summer was just as likely to attack cops, as she was crooks. The Days had Summer committed to a psychiatric facility in Arizona, but the doctors believed her stories of transforming into a were -hyena to be delusions. The Day family is horrified at the revelations brought to light in Summer's diary. Firestorm engages the Hyena in combat, near Central Park. Using his atomic restructuring powers, Firestorm uses a bit of psychological warfare, to convince the Hyena that her family loves her. With her rage abated, the Hyena transforms back into Summer, who is taken to a hospital, her future...uncertain.

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