tman11199's The Flash #30 - Lost Time review

Barry's back in town

This issue takes place after Forever Evil. Barry returns to central city(now in ruins), and starts work again, but not befor having a psichiatric evaluation. The reason I gave this issue a low rating was because it did not live up to the hype. Wally west was supposed to make his big entrance into the new 52, Right? Well I can ensure you that, that was not the case. In fact this issue has little to do with Wally at all. That aside, Wally does make a small apearence, but without spoiling anything I'll say with great disappointment, this is not the Wally we all know and love.
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Posted by Rockyjo3

I believe Wally is supposed to make his debut in Flash Annual #3, not this issue.

Posted by Tman11199

Yeah he realy wasn't in this issue per-say but his image was shown twice.

Posted by Jostudios

I just don't like the direction DC Comics is taking with Wally West. Instead of ranting I decided to make my own Fan comic (webcomic) of Wally's final episode. I update every thursday and you can find it in :) Hope you like it. It is a 22 page comic book but I'm uploading a page every thursday. I think it will give some kind of closure to long time Wally fans.

Posted by Tman11199
Edited by Tman11199

Great work keep it up!!

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