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"Will You Believe Me When I'm Dead?"

Fiona Webb files a formal complaint, at police headquarters, against her neighbor, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen. Webb accuses Allen of plotting her murder. The desk sergeant is reluctant to take action, as Allen is one of their own. The Flash places Doctor Alchemy into police custody. Overhearing Webb's accusation, the Flash asks to hear Webb's side of the story. While they're speaking, they come under attack by a flock of carrier pigeons, carrying miniature explosives. The Flash vibrates himself, and Webb, at super-human speed, into intangibility. After the initial blast wave passes harmlessly through them, the Flash contains the shock waves, to protect the innocent bystanders.

Inspecting one of the pigeons, the Flash discovers a miniature camera, and a relay system to control the birds. The Flash opts not to scour the area for the perpetrator, choosing instead to use this opportunity to clear Allen's good name. The Flash races Webb to Allen's apartment. Moving faster than the eye can see, the Flash is able to create the illusion not only of himself appearing at the same time as his alter-ego, but also carry on a conversation. In this way, the Flash proves to Webb that Allen was home, sleeping, during the attack. Webb, though, is undeterred in her certainty over Allen's guilt, suggesting that he merely hired someone else to do his dirty work.

Crestfallen, the Flash escorts Webb home. The Flash, as Allen, runs Webb's fingerprints through the law enforcement data base, and comes up empty. A fellow forensics scientist suggests that Webb's information is protected by a "Code-7", meaning that the Federal Government, itself, is protecting her information. Allen types the information back into the computer, then vibrates his way inside the computer itself. Allen chases the computer impulses, following their electrons to Webb's protected information. Allen discovers that Webb's real name is Beverly Lewis. Allen asks his neighbors, the Nathans, to keep an eye on Webb. Allen, as the Flash, looks into Webb's life, as Lewis, in Idaho.

Sorting through town records on Lewis, the Flash is accosted by King Faraday. After ascertaining that the Flash is, indeed, the Flash, Faraday identifies himself as a government agent. Faraday reveals that Lewis witnessed syndicate boss, Ross Malverk, murder an associate. For her testimony against Malverk, Lewis was placed in the Witness Protection Program. To insure her past would never catch up to her, Lewis volunteered to be brainwashed, so that no trace of her previous identity would exist in her mind. Faraday informs the Flash that Malverk has escaped from prison, and hired a professional killer, a master of disguise known as Saber-Tooth, to take Lewis out.

Faraday shows the Flash film strips of Malverk's trial, so that the Flash knows what Malverk looks like. Webb sits down to dinner with the Nathans. When the elder Nathan excuses himself to get more wine, he is beaten and bound, in the kitchen, by Saber-Tooth. "Nathan" returns to the table, aiming the bottle of wine at Webb. As he pops the cork, a jet of flame is released. The Flash pushes Webb to safety, then takes out Saber-Tooth. Webb unties the real Nathan, then returns home. There she finds Allen waiting for her, gun drawn, prepared to murder her.

The Secret History Of The Nuclear Man

Ronald Raymond continues to recount, to Professor Martin Stein, the story of how they became Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. Raymond had broken into the Hudson Power Plant, along with a group of protestors. Learning that the protestors actually planned to blow up the plant, Raymond threatened to contact the police. Raymond was beaten into unconsciousness. When Stein confronted the protestors, having seen them on the security monitors, he, too, was beaten unconscious. Raymond regained consciousness, just as the protestor's explosives detonated.

When an experimental reactor exploded, Raymond and Stein were bathed in radiation, which caused them to fuse together into one being. Raymond quickly realized that he could actually see the atomic structure of objects, and could actually alter them on a molecular level. Raymond fashioned himself a costume, and dubbed himself "Firestorm, the Nuclear Man". As New York's newest super-hero, Firestorm battled against Multiplex, Killer Frost and the Hyena. After teaming up with Superman against Killer Frost, Firestorm was invited to join the Justice League of America.

As Stein was unconscious when he and Raymond were first transformed into Firestorm, Stein has no memory of his activities as Firestorm. Stein believes that his "blackouts" were caused by excessive drinking. At the end of Raymond's tale, Stein bursts into laughter over the ludicrousness of the story. In anger, Raymond triggers the transformation into Firestorm. Stein's consciousness suggests to Raymond that he photograph their transformation, to provide proof to Stein of the veracity of Raymond's tale. Firestorm complies. Upon seeing the photographs, Stein is relieved to learn that he isn't having a nervous breakdown. Stein and Raymond forge a new friendship.

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