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Black Hand watches a film reel of the Flash burning to death. Police officers, on the scene, find the Flash's still smoldering yellow boots, at the end of a mile long scorch mark, which is still afire. Black Hand is puzzled that the top story, on the evening news, does not concern the Flash's horrific demise. There is also no mention of it in the newspaper. The only possibility for such a telling omission is that the Flash is, somehow, still alive. Black Hand had stolen the Flash's protective aura, which kept the Flash from bursting into flame due to super-speed generated heat friction. As Black Hand's power-light absorbed the last of the Flash's protective aura, the Scarlet Speedster was consumed in flames.

Too late to slow down, the Flash vibrated his molecules to insubstantiality, while also activating the compression trigger in his Flash costume ring. The Flash was absorbed into his ring. A stray cat accidentally activates the release trigger, releasing the Flash from his ring. Moving at a much slower pace, though still super-humanly fast, the Flash headed home. Donning a new uniform, the Flash informed the police that he was, in fact, still very much alive. Back at home, the Flash, as police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, updates his wife, PIcture News reporter Iris West, on the current situation. By combining the fortified molecules of the Flash's protective aura, with the energy beam of the Green Lantern's power ring, Black Hand sheathes himself within an impenetrable force field.

To test his new invincibility, Black Hand heads out to a nuclear bomb test site, in Nevada, and stands at ground zero of a nuclear explosion. Allen offers to drive his next-door neighbor, Barney Sands, out on some errands. While they're out, they pass by the Centro-Dome, which a movie crew has rented out to recreate a section of the moon, for filming. For the sake of authenticity, they've even sealed the Centro-Dome, then pumped all the air out. Allen receives word, from a radio bulletin, that an unidentified flying object is robbing a bank. Allen investigates, as the Flash. Taking care not to run so fast he'll burst into flame, the Flash arrives on the scene. A power-light constructed flying saucer is vacuuming up the bank's money, right through the bank's roof.

Black Hand reveals himself. The Flash is quick to attack, but his super-speed blows are completely ineffectual against Black Hand's force field. Worse, the Flash's hands begin smoking as he presses his attack. Black Hand counters with a dozen power-light constructed fists, that mercilessly pummel the Flash. Vibrating his molecules into intangibility, the Flash attempts to flee through the ground. Black Hand stops the Flash, with a power-light constructed grapple hook. Black Hand offers the Flash a choice of dooms. An instant death from a power-light laser, or the slow burn of super-speed generated friction heat. Seemingly choosing the latter, the Flash takes off running. Black Hand pursues, following the Flash into the Centro-Dome.

Inside of his force field, Black Hand is unaware of the airless void within the dome. The Flash, though, is quite aware of it. No air means no friction-heat. Black Hand projects power-light holograms of himself, to fool the Flash into attacking the wrong "Black Hand". Black Hand is surprised that the Flash's super-speed exertions have yet to incinerate him. Black Hand fires a power-light constructed heat seeking missile at the Flash. The Flash runs straight at Black Hand, vibrating through him, so that the missile strikes Black Hand. As the missile is composed of the same energy as Black Hand's force field, it easily penetrates the shield, rendering Black Hand unconscious. The Flash uses Black Hand's power-light to restore his protective aura.

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