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Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, and his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, are en route to Allen's parent's house, in Fallville. Unbeknownst to the happy couple, they are being shadowed by the Golden Glider. A tree falls in front of their car. A second tree topples towards their car. Allen vibrates the molecules of himself, West, and the entire car, into intangibility, allowing the tree to pass harmlessly through them. Allen and West investigate, and discover that the trees have been burned through with a laser. Realizing that they're probably under observation, Allen and West slowly return to their car, and resume their journey.

Having seen Allen's display of super-human speed, the Golden Glider confirms that Allen is, in fact, the Flash. Allen and West try to put their troubles aside, while visiting with Allen's parents, Henry and Nora. That night, a large, glowing diamond appears in Allen's bedroom. While Allen, as the Flash, follows the diamond into the woods, West makes excuses for his absence to his parents. The Flash trails the diamond to the Golden Glider, who reveals she knows his secret identity. The Flash charges the Golden Glider, only to find his mass increased a thousandfold, by her ruby. The Flash sinks deep into the ground, until he has sank deep enough to escape the ruby's power.

Returning to the surface, the Flash collapses from the sudden shifts in his mass. An opal, left by the Golden Glider, fills the Flash's mind with images of his parents, who have suddenly been stricken with a terrible malady. Upon revival, the Flash shakes the images off as nothing but a dream. Upon returning to his parent's home, however, he finds medical personal standing out in the yard. The Flash, as Allen, confronts his parents, and confirms his worst fears. They are sick, as is Allen's wife. The Golden Glider appears in a holographic prism, to taunt Allen, and inform him that an impenetrable force field surrounds the house, keeping the medics at bay.

Allen can come and go as he pleases, but no one else can get in or out. Allen's parents, and his wife, slip into a coma. Allen, as the Flash, heads back into the woods to confront the Golden Glider. Flushing her out, the Flash races at super-speed, creating a downdraft of compressed air, to draw her to the ground. The Golden Glider bombards the Flash with rapidly expanding pearls. After dispatching the threat of the pearls, the Flash rams the Golden Glider off her ice-trail. Taking ahold of her, the Flash races the Golden Glider straight towards the force field, in an attempt to force her to reverse the Allen's condition. The Golden Glider calls the Flash's bluff.

At the last moment, the Flash casts the Golden Glider aside. Realizing the Golden Glider's weapons are all designed with a jewel-motif, the Flash removes all the jewelry from his parent's house. Nothing changes in his parent's, or West's condition. The Flash spies jewels encrusting West's initials on her suitcase. The Flash sets the molecules of the suitcase vibrating so violently that it disintegrates. West, and Allen's parents, immediately recover. Allen, though, finds a scrap of cloth, left by the Golden Glider, warning of her next appearance.

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