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Via live telecast, the whole of Central City has just witnessed the horrific murder of the Flash, at the hands of the Molder. Having easily done away with the Flash, the Molder reconsiders the need for a partner, leaving his associate waist deep in the liquified tar of the runway. Picture News reporter, Iris West, races to the crime scene, arriving just in time to see the Flash's remains loaded into an ambulance. The Molder takes refuge in an abandoned junkyard. While asleep, his mind plays back the recent events of his life. As Ralph Dibny, the world famous Elongated Man, the Molder had come to Central City to bring the Chane Gang to justice.

Dibny had surprised his wife, Sue, in their hotel room, by remolding the features of his face into a more sinister visage. Having discovered the Chane Gang in the midst of a robbery, the Flash came to the Dibny's hotel room, to collect the Elongated Man. After downing a double dose of gingold, the Elongated Man teamed up with the Flash to take down the Chane Gang. West puts together a memorial tribute reel for the Flash, to be aired later that night. West meets up with Sue Dibny for lunch. There, Dibny reveals that the Molder is really her husband, Ralph. Unbeknownst to the the two women, their conversation is being eavesdropped upon, by an agent of a foreign power.

Out on the street, West suddenly has an epiphany, and races to police headquarters. With the officers on duty drawn away by West's memorial tribute to the Flash, West sneaks into the police morgue. Noticing that part of the Flash's remains had pooled into the shape of a lightning bolt, West surmises that electricity might rejuvenate the Flash. Using a defibrillator, West runs current through the Flash's remains. The resultant explosion knocks West through the window. Before she can fall to the street, she is rescued by the Flash. Back at home, the Flash, as police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, shares a happy reunion, and a memorable night with his wife, West.

The next morning, the Flash holds a press conference, then races to Mexico. The Flash had determined that the gingold Dibny consumed, en route to the Chane Gang robbery, was, somehow, contaminated by the Flash's super-speed vibrations. The tainted gingold in Dibny's bloodstream created the Molder personality, as well as the alteration to Dibny's powers. In Mexico, the Flash collects a deadly fungus, lethal to the Gingo Tree, from which Gingold is distilled. Isolating the fungus in a hypodermic solution, the Flash believes he may have a cure for Dibny's condition. West immediately phones Sue Dibny to give her the good news.

Dibny, however, is being held hostage by agents of a foreign power. These men are using Dibny as leverage to manipulate the Molder. When Dibny doesn't respond to West's call, Allen investigates, as the Flash. Arriving at Dibny's hotel room, the Flash easily subdues her captor. Security guards are gassed, at the Central City Rotunda. The Molder transforms an entire mural, by Communist defector, Ivor Dunwich, into liquified plastic. The foreign agents collect the remains of the mural, having made their example of the traitorous Dunwich. The Flash arrives, only to have the Molder bring the ceiling down upon him, in a rain of liquified goo. The foreign agents fire on the Flash.

Vibrating his molecules at super-human speed, the Flash becomes insubstantial, passing through the liquid shell of the ceiling, as well as the bullets, without harm. The Molder suddenly remembers that he is, in fact, Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man. The Flash and the Elongated Man team up to take down the foreign agents. The Flash reveals that it was a false mural that the Molder destroyed. The true mural is undamaged. Upon arriving on the scene, the Flash immediately hit the Molder with the fungal antidote. The Elongated Man wonders why he didn't lose his stretching power, when the antidote neutralized the Gingold in his system. As if on cue, he loses his ability to elongate. The antidote merely took a little longer in completely erasing his gingold derived powers.

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