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Speeding along through downtown Central City, The Flash notices floating letters that make a message (Halt, Flash!) in which he crashes right into and sees that its made up of ice--which confirms eyewitness reports that Captain Cold is back in town.

Asking where he would like his jail cell facing this time, The Flash goes to take Cold in yet he slides past the criminal for it seems Cold has created a new gun which uses a type of organic ice compound that's friction-proof as well as it won't melt or scrap off for its ammo.

About to finish him off, Cold shoots and Flash gets away by a hair with boots left behind. Moments later, a fishing wire comes to hook the new gun away to the rooftops in which Cold follows as Flash is a bit freezer burned but not worse for wear.

Upon the roof, Cold threatens to blast the woman whom had hooked his new gun--which is indeed is very own sister, Golden Glider. Cold is confused why she didn't allow him to finish off the Flash once and for all, but its due to the fact that Glider wants Flash to suffer like she has due to the Death of her love, The Top in which was Flash's fault.

Trying to convince her that it won't do much against Flash, Gilder doesn't care for it will make her feel better and runs off to Top's grave and vows to avenge him.

Meanwhile, Barry Allen and a co-worker back at the lab study The Flash suit to see exactly what Captain Cold's Gun did to the fabric in which is based on the concept of 'Freeze-Drying'.  Outside the police station, there's a box that seems 'For Flash's Eyes Only.'  A call is given out and Barry changes into a new suit to assess the new situation at hand with this box.

Going to move the box to another locale, the box cracks open and a small ice burg is inside that starts to grow. It takes a bit but Flash zips about the ice burg and melts. Captain Cold sees another opportunity to take out The Flash but is taken out by knockout gas but not before seeing who it was doing this to him. It was sis own Sister yet again and she takes the new gun while leaving Cold there for Flash to take him into custody.

Barry comes home and is met in a deep kiss not by Iris but another woman Daphne Dean; an old childhood sweetheart of his whom is an actress. Somehow getting amnesia, Her shrink comes with and says to get her memories back, staying with Barry and Iris would help. As much as Barry is hopeful that it'll work, Iris isn't convinced that the situation is sound and eventually brings to light that it was all a hoax.

Outside the home, Golden Glider has found the residence of The Flash with one of the many helpful gadgets that The Top created. Iris leaves the house while Barry follows after to try and make up for his nativity but Iris isn't allowing it to slide so easily. Lip-reading from a ways off, Golden Glider comes to a conclusion that the woman with Flash must be his lover. Taking the opportunity to strike, Golden Glider does so with more of Top's Gadgets upon the couple.

Flash saves himself and Iris but then is trapped within a swirling top shaped energy barrier while zipping off so the gadgets couldn't get another chance to attack. Seeing her chance, Golden Glider kneels to takes aim with Cold's new gun. Glider fires upon Iris while stating: 'An eye for an eye--A tooth for a tooth--A lover for a lover.'

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