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Picture New reporter, Iris West, listens to her husband, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, talk in his sleep. It was in this manner that West learned that Allen was, secretly, the Flash. This night, all Allen speaks of is his old childhood sweetheart, the actress, Daphne Dean. A late night phone call interrupts West's eavesdropping, and awakens Allen. Master Villain calls Allen threatening to reveal his secret identity, if Allen doesn't meet him in the next five seconds, as the Flash. Allen bolts out of bed, puts on his costume, and races out to confront Master Villain. The Flash races into the pre-arranged meeting site, a phone booth. As soon as the Flash answers the incessantly ringing phone, Master Villain appear in the booth with him. Master Villain teleports out of the phone booth, then transforms it into one large, standing brick, which he shatters.

Moving faster than the eye could see, the Flash vibrated his molecules so that he could slip beneath the street, prior to the phone booth transformation. Coming up behind his foe, the Flash violently shoves Master Villain to the ground. Master Villain counterattacks with an energy fist. After knocking the Flash to the ground, the disembodied fist waits for the Flash to get up. The Flash flees, with the energy fist in hot pursuit. The Flash runs all the way to Metropolis, where he locates Superman, in his guise as Daily Planet reporter, Clark Kent. Vibrating his molecules into insubstantiality, the Flash runs right through Kent. Kent barely feels the impact of the energy fist. Kent merely gives pause, to mention a strange tickle at the back of his neck, to his companion, Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane.

Back at home, the Flash, as Allen, fends off the amorous advances of Dean, while trying to help her regain her memory. Allen meets up with West, at the next-door neighbor's house, for an evening spent playing Bridge. Unbeknownst to Allen, Fred and Ethel Sands' youngest son, Barney, created Master Villain. Unbeknownst to Sands, an alien life form, drawn to and fueled by Sands' imagination, inhabited the drawing of Master Villain, and brought the character to life.The Allens return home. West is fuming as all Allen talked about the whole night is Dean. Upon seeing Dean sleeping on their couch, West's anger escalates. West is scolding Allen when she turns to see him wearing his Flash costume. Turning back, West sees Master Villain standing in her living room. The Flash attacks Master Villain only to have his super-speed momentum turned against him.

The Flash finds himself spinning like a propeller, generating hurricane force winds. West takes cover behind the couch. Astonsihingly, Dean sleeps through the entire battle. Master Villain hurls the Flash out the window. The Flash is spinning so fast that the shards of glass literally melt on impact, from his super-speed friction. By the time the Flash recovers, Master Villain is gone. The Flash hears Master Villain's voice coming from the Sands home, only to discover that it is actually Barney Sands' voice. Sands confesses that he created Master Villain. Sands has created an adversary to deal with Master Villain, called "Super-Hero". Unfortunately, Sands has been unable to get Super-Hero to come to life. Sands, though, is unaware that it was an alien life form that brought Master Villain into the real world.

Master Villain issues a challenge for the Flash to come fight him. The Flash arrives for their duel, dressed as Super-Hero. Masquerading as Super-Hero, the Flash begins beating a life size dummy of Master Villain. Master Villain feels every blow that "Super-Hero" lands on the dummy. "Super-Hero" begins spinning the dummy above his head, causing Master Villains to do the same. As the dummy falls to the ground, so, too, does Master Villain. The alien animating Master Villain abandons it's charade. The alien sought only an alleviation to it's great boredom. Suffering a beating at "Super-Hero's" hands, though, wasn't part of the plan. Sands is relieved that Super-Hero came to life to deal with the threat of Master Villain. West discovers that Dean is playing Allen for a fool. Dean's "amnesia" is a ruse, part of a greater scheme she's initiated, involving Allen.

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