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The Fury Of The Fire-Demon!

Al and Rita Demond are being interviewed, by Roddy Mitchell, for "Meet The Public". Picture News reporter, Iris West, is at home, watching the live broadcast. To her horror, West sees an enormous stone gargoyle plummeting towards the Desmonds. West sends her husband, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, in his guise as the Flash, to the Desmonds' rescue. The Flash scours the streets of Central City, not realizing the live broadcast is actually coming from Culverton.

Despite his wife's best efforts, Desmond stands stock still, as the gargoyle nears. Before it hits, the gargoyle suddenly crumbles into dust. The Flash, as Allen, confides in his wife that he fears this may mean that Desmond has become the notorious Doctor Alchemy again. As if on cue, Desmond's personality is overwhelmed by his evil Doctor Alchemy persona, on the ride home. En route to Culverton, the Flash encounters a burning convertable.

After bringing the car to a stop, the Flash discovers Rita Desmond, nearly unconscious within the vehicle. Desmond confirms the Flash's worst fears...Doctor Alchemy has returned. Under the influence of Vadtara, a fire-demon, Doctor Alchemy sets a skyscraper ablaze with eldritch flames. The Flash confronts Doctor Alchemy within the burning edifice. Moving faster than the eye can see, the Flash reveals his secret identity to Doctor Alchemy. The shock of discovering that his best friend is the Flash, allows Desmond to regain control of his mind. Desmond returns to normal, with no memory of the Flash's secret identity.

"The Man From Yesterday!"

Hal Jordan boards the Spirit of 76, a train carrying a Bicentennial exhibit across the country. Before he's really had a chance to take in the historic treasures, on board the train, the exhibit closes. Jordan notices something strange about the Colonial museum guards, right before they suddenly take flight, with the train. Jordan gives chase, as the Green Lantern. Two of the guards break off to engage the Green Lantern. In the course of dispatching them, the Green Lantern discovers they are robots. The Green Lantern follows the train into space, where it is brought aboard a mile-long space craft.

Using his power ring to gain entry, the Green Lantern disables the rest of the Colonial robots. Boarding the Spirit of 76, the Green Lantern encounters another robot, one designed to look like Aaron Burr. In order to get to the bottom of the mystery, the Green Lantern humors "Burr" by agreeing to a duel. Using his Power Ring, the Green Lanterrn redirects "Burr's" shot, while simultaneously disarming him. The Green Lantern places "Burr" in the same stasis field he placed the other Colonial robots in, only to see "Burr" walk out of it. It seems that Burr is not a robot, but is, incredibly, the real Aaron Burr.

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