decoyelite's The Flash #23.2 - Reverse Flash review

Traumatic Childhood: Overdrive

This review will probably spoil the crap out of this comic, so look out. I'm reading all the villain month issues to give the new reader perspective and I don't know anything about this new Reverse Flash.

The Good:
Exceptional art on this one. Seriously I love the style and when this issue does the villain month thing of showing the title it does it in a much better way than the other issues I've read. Reverse Flash's origins are explained pretty well and it's pretty good to jump into as a new reader. Reverse Flash's motivation seems logical as a emotional choice and you get a good understanding of what makes him tick. The issue has a very good ending that caught me off guard.

The Bad:

Maybe it's because of villain month burning me out, but I'm tried of Traumatic Childhoods and that's what most of this issue is. I also don't like that everything that goes wrong in Reverse Flash's adult life is basically Flash's fault as it feels a bit contrived and cliched as far as superhero comics go.

Overall: This was a pretty nice issue that did a good job introducing how a newer villains works to new readers. If you're reading Flash this is definitely a comic you need to get and if you're interested in getting into Flash comics this issue with worth a look.

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