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"Flash--This Is Your Death!"

Police receive word that a bomb may have been planted on a transport carrying Captain Boomerang. The notorious criminal is placed in a holding cell, while the transport is checked out. Police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, advises the officers not to remove Captain Boomerang's straitjacket, earning the villain's ire. As part of his escape plan, Captain Boomerang had seeded every jail cell in Central City with a hidden boomerang. Now, he uses that boomerang to cut himself free of his restraints, and don his criminal costume. Under cover of smoke, Captain Boomerang flees the station.

Before he leaves, though, he takes time out to attack Allen. The moment the boomerang strikes Allen, the police scientist disappears. Unbeknownst to Captain Boomerang, Allen is, secretly, the Flash, and uses his super-speed to escape injury. Allen, as the Flash, confronts Captain Boomerang outside the police station. The Flash generates hurricane force winds that blow Captain Boomerang along in front of him. Angling his body into the shape of a boomerang, Captain Boomerang becomes aerodynamic and is launched into the sky by the Flash's gale force winds.

Upon his return, Captain Boomerang slams into the Flash, knocking him unconscious. Captain Boomerang's father, the small time crook, "Aussie Green", joins his son to witness the Flash's demise. Frozen rigid with paralysis, the Flash is bent into the shape of a boomerang, then launched into a nightmarish dimension. The Flash merely waits to boomerang back to Captain Boomerang, easily navigating the horrors of the terrifying dimension without incident. At the sight of his foe, Captain Boomerang grabs his father and launches himself into the sky. The Flash generates a water spout, at super-human speed, and brings the two crooks back down to the ground, then carries them to jail.

"My Ring... My Enemy!"

Having rescued a young cliff climber from certain death, the Green Lantern harshly chastises the woman for ever having left the kitchen. After recharging his ring, the Green Lantern violently kicks his power battery away in disgust. Spying a helicopter in distress, the Green Lantern uses his power ring to bring it down safely. As soon as the rangers have exited the craft to thank the Green Lantern, the Emerald Gladiator belts one of them, and criticizes them for taking flight without properly checking the vehicle. The Green Lantern is informed that a family of campers are trapped within a forest fire.

Upon arriving on the scene, the Green Lantern finds a group of rangers standing around a disabled armored car, it's occupants unconscious. Belittling the rangers' competency, the Green Lantern begins a sweep of the forest. He quickly runs across a small prop plane being consumed by the flames. The Green Lantern next encounters a group of men, who clearly don't want his assistance in escaping the fire. It turns out the men are carrying stolen diamonds, and are the likely suspects in the armored car robbery.

After turning the thieves over to the rangers, the Green Lantern gets into an altercation with a ranger, for mouthing off to him. The Green Lantern savagely beats the ranger, nearly killing him. A moment of clarity washes over the Green Lantern, and he realizes that every time he uses his ring, he is compelled to do violence. Possibly the after effect of his exposure to a recent energy phenomena. Unfortunately, the family of campers is still lost in the forest fire, and the Green Lantern's power ring is the only possible way to rescue them.

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