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The Hot-Cold War In Central City!

Outraged that Mick Rory would work towards earning parole, rather than escaping prison like a self-respecting villain, Leonard Snart sets a plan in motion to violate Rory's parole. Snart spends weeks, working in the prison infirmary, developing mesmerizing cold germs. A letter, carrying these germs, is sent to police forensic scientist, Barry Allen. Opening the letter, Allen is exposed to the germs, which plant a post-hypnotic command in Allen's mind to follow the instructions in the letter. Allen goes to the police evidence storeroom, and removes Snart's Captain Cold costume, and weaponry. On the street, a fellow officer informs Allen that Rory, as Heat Wave, is robbing a bank. Allen intervenes, as the Flash.

Heat Wave encloses the Flash in a ball of fire. Windmilling his arms, the Flash puts out the flames, then closes in on Heat Wave. Suddenly, in response to the post-hypnotic command he's under, the Flash races away. The Flash changes into Snart's Captain Cold costume and confronts Heat Wave. After causing Heat Wave to skid into a wall, by projecting a solid sheet of ice beneath Heat Wave's feet, "Captain Cold" blasts Heat Wave with his Cold Gun. Heat Wave defends himself by raising the outer temperature of his uniform to 1000 degrees. Heat Wave encases "Captain Cold" in rapidly closing walls of flame. Allen, hypnotically forced to fight Heat Wave to the death as Captain Cold, is too unfamiliar with Snart's Cold Gun to effectively use it to defend himself.

In his cell, Snart smugly ponders Allen's death, knowing that his murder will land Heat Wave back in jail. Heat Wave looks away as "Captain Cold" is consumed by the raging fire. The intense heat, and imminent peril, breaks Snart's hypnotic hold over Allen. Remembering that he is the Flash, Allen escapes the flames, and confronts Heat Wave, as the Flash. Caught in the Flash's slipstream, Heat Wave resists by setting the Flash's boots on fire. The Flash races into a nearby ice rink, to douse his boots, before beating Heat Wave into unconsciousness. Heat Wave, as Rory, is returned to prison, now sharing a cell with Snart. Believing that he had incinerated Snart, Rory becomes panic-stricken, believing his cellmate to be a ghost. Snart is beside himself with glee.

"The Powerless Power Ring!"

Camping in the wilderness, ex-test pilot, Hal Jordan, cooks up a batch of chili. To completely remove himself from civilization, Jordan throws his newspaper into the campfire, without reading it. Jordan, as the Green Lantern, recites his solemn oath, while recharging his power ring. For a moment, the sky is filled with brilliant colors, before quickly returning to normal. The Green Lantern choses sleep over investigation of the phenomena. The Green Lantern's slumber is disturbed by an approaching black bear. The Green Lantern attempts to run the bear off, with his power ring, only to see the emerald beam dissipate around the bear.

The Green Lantern elevates himself on a ring-constructed platform, until the bear wanders off. Testing his power ring, the Green Lantern accidentally shatters a tree, when his intentions were merely to lift it. A wave of nausea and vertigo assail the Green Lantern. A rock slide attracts the Green Lantern to an imperiled cliff climber. Not trusting his ring to make the save, the Green Lantern physically climbs the cliffside himself, as quickly as he can, to reach her. Just before he can, a second rockslide hurls him off the mountainside.

With no choice but to use the ring, the Green Lantern is gratified when it functions properly, allowing him to save both himself, and the girl from falling. Back at the Green Lantern's campsite, the girl discovers a discarded can of mushrooms, the contents of which were used, the night before, in the chili. Pulling out a newspaper, the girl shows the Green Lantern that the mushroom had been recalled. Apparently, hours after consumption, people found they could not properly operate motor vehicles. An effect that seems to apply to the operation of power rings, as well.

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