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Sinestro's arrival on Earth cause the Green Lantern's power battery to discharge a yellow energy blast, while the Green Lantern is recharging his ring, rendering him unconscious. In Central City, Sinestro seeks out Paul Gambi, the tailor for the Flash's Rogues' Gallery. After stealing one of the Weather Wizard's costumes, Sinestro erases Gambi's knowledge of Sinestro's presence, and departs. Aware that Sinestro is on Earth, the Guardians Of The Universe attempt to contact the Green Lantern, who is still unconscious. In Central City, the Flash responds to the strange phenomena of every car's exhaust, in the city, coalescing into a smog screen. The Flash discovers that the culprit is the Weather Wizard, who has created cover for a robbery.

The Flash quickly disperses the smog, only to be distracted by the sudden appearance of the Weather Wizard's spare costume. Taking advantage of the moment, the Weather Wizard shapes the smog into a snake, which begins choking and crushing the life out of the Flash. By the time the Flash has dispersed the "smog snake", the Weather Wizard has escaped. Sinestro makes contact with the fleeing Weather Wizard, and carries him away to safety. Upon recovery, the Green Lantern quickly determines that Sinestro is on Earth, and tracks him down to Central City. In exchange for creating an impenetrable cloud cover over the Earth, to conceal his actions from the Guardian's scrutiny, Sinestro offers to aid the Weather Wizard in killing the Flash.

In pursuit of the Weather Wizard, the Flash encounters a passenger helicopter in distress. Generating a super-speed powered updraft of air, the Flash gets the helicopter's rotor blades spinning again, only to see them completely fly off. The Green Lantern arrives, just in the nick of time, to make the save. Sinestro launches the Weather Wizard's atmos-diffuser into orbit. The device collects, and projects, a shield of cosmic dust around the Earth, blocking it from the Guardian's view. True to his word, Sinestro uses his ring to handicap the Flash. The Flash tracks down the Weather Wizard's hidden lair, a cabin in the woods. The second the Flash enters the cabin, the Weather Wizard destroys the cabin, with the force of a tornado.

Having vibrated himself into the ground at the last second, the Flash escapes unscathed. The Flash is just about to take down the Weather Wizard, when he is distracted by several trees suddenly launching themselves into the air. The Weather Wizard takes advantage of that moment, by transforming himself into a cloud, and fleeing. Coming across the flying trees, the Green Lantern uses his ring to convert them into sawdust. The Flash closes on the Weather Wizard, only to be frozen in his tracks. Vibrating his molecules at super-speed, the Flash thaws himself out. As he does so, a huge mountain suddenly springs up, jeopardizing a city bus. With some assistance from the Green Lantern, the Flash is able to get the bus to safety.

The Weather Wizard hits the Flash with a lightning bolt. The instant it hits, the mountain crumbles. The Green Lantern notices a disguised Sinestro among the bus passengers, and takes him out. The Flash escapes the collapse of the mountain, while also apprehending the Weather Wizard. The Green Lantern learns that Sinestro has connected the Flash's heart to the core of the Earth. Whenever the Flash's heart rate speeds up, from his super-speed running, catastrophic effects follow in his wake. Had the Weather Wizard succeeded in killing the Flash, the world would have been destroyed when the Flash' heart stopped. The Green Lantern severs the Flash's link to the planet, then removes the Weather Wizard's screen around the Earth.

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