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Time-Schedule For Disaster!

Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, excepts a wager from his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West. After another incident of his chronic tardiness, Allen sets out to prove he can maintain a proper schedule. After keeping his appointment at the bank, at exactly 11:30 a.m., Allen becomes aware that the very same bank was robbed, shortly after his departure. Allen investigates, as the Flash. Thanks to a new, cutting edge vault door, the robbers were thwarted in their attempt to rob the bank. Having lost time to investigate the attempted robbery, the Flash races to keep his next appointment on time. Recklessly racing at top speed through the streets of Central City, the Flash generates a powerful sonic boom that threatens to take out the bridge.

By racing in the opposite direction, the Flash counters the first sonic boom with a second. The Flash arrives for his appearance at the fairground, at precisely 12:15 p.m., only to find the circus animals stampeding. After hurriedly building cages around the lead elephants, the Flash digs out a deep trench to herd the rest of the stampeding animals together. Meanwhile, the would-be bank robbers, led by criminal mastermind, Cypher. set in motion a plan to get through the vault door. Arriving at precisely 1:00 p.m., the Flash makes his appearance at a charity benefit. For his performance, the Flash begins a routine featuring every tap dance and soft-shoe step ever recorded, all done in a matter of seconds.

Unbeknownst to the Flash, Cypher has rigged the platform the Flash is dancing on, to transfer his super-speed vibrations to a special gun. Using said gun, Cypher is able to channel the power of the Flash's super-speed vibrations into the vault door, destroying it. Unfortunately for Cypher, the Flash notices that the platform has been tampered with, and tracks the gang back to the bank. In virtually no time at all, the Flash has thwarted the robbery, and turned the bank robbers over to the authorities. The Flash, as Allen returns home, precisely at 2:00 p.m, winning his bet with his wife. West, anticipating Allen's arrival at least a half hour later, informs her husband that she had a surprise party planned for him, and she needs him to depart, and, upon his return, feign surprise.

Death-Threat On Titan!

Having discovered his name on an assassin's list, the Green Lantern consults with one of the Guardians Of The Universe on his next move. The Guardian reveals that the other victims were all Green Lanterns. Furthermore, their particular rings all contained ore mined on one of the moon's of Saturn, Titan. In orbit over Titan, the Green Lantern is attacked by an ancient Conn satellite. Overwhelmed and bound by the satellite, the Green Lantern is turned over to the alien assassin. Feigning unconsciousness, the Green Lantern waits until his bonds have been removed, to attack his would-be killers.

Though he fights valiantly, the Green Lantern is defeated. Upon awakening, the Green Lantern is told that the alien killers were exiled to Titan by the Guardians of the Universe, and forced to mine ore for the power rings. The aliens discovered that the unrefined ore could be used to neutralize both power rings, and power batteries. Having collected power rings from their previous victims, as well as the Green Lantern, the aliens intend to use the ore to drain the central power battery on Oa. Without the battery powering their life support systems, the Guardians of the Universe will die.

The Green Lantern manages to push enough of his will power into a piece of ore to blast through his bonds. With the element of surprise on his side, the Green Lantern defeats the alien killers. With his power ring back in his possession, the Green Lantern uses it to create a memorial to the whistle blower in the alien killers' organization, who tipped the Green Lantern off to their scheme.

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