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"The Flash of 1000 Faces"

Picture News reporter, Iris West, and her husband, police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, are test driving the X-5, a prototype electric car. The Allens momentarily come to a stop, to allow a parade of Scottish bagpipers to pass. Moments later, a news bulletin comes over the radio, concerning a robbery being committed by a Scottish bagpiper. Allen investigates, as the Flash. Arriving on the scene, the Flash sees the Scotsman walking away from the bank, while the security guards dance to the music of his bagpipes. Quickly, the Flash reveals the Scotsman to be his arch-nemesis, the Pied Piper.

Playing a few notes on a hidden, miniature reed, the Pied Piper activates his newest musical weapon, the Psychic-Pipe. Under it's influence, the Flash's reaction time falls out of sync with his movements, causing him to trip over his own feet. With the Flash momentarily incapacitated, the Pied Piper escapes. Unbeknownst to the Pied Piper, the Psychic-Pipe has a greater effect on the Flash than just dulling his reaction time. The Flash also suffers a mental block that prevents him from removing his mask, as well as erasing all memory of who he is.

Suddenly, West races by, clearly no longer in control of the malfunctioning X-5. The Flash rescues her, but has no recollection of his relationship to her. The Flash spends the day at police headquarters, desperately trying to learn his real name. Realizing the Pied Piper must be causing this effect with a sonic weapon, the Flash attunes his vibratory frequency to match it, until he can see the waves emanating across the city. In this way, the Flash is able to track the sound waves back to the Psychic-Pipe's precise location. The Flash sets about dismantling the device.

Anticipating this action, the Pied Piper has booby-trapped the Psychic-Pipe. As soon as the Flash tampers with it, the Psychic Pipe explodes. With his foe defeated, the Pied Piper unmasks the Flash. To his astonishment, the Flash's face is vibrating so fast his features cannot be determined. Suddenly, the Flash leaps to his feet, and bombards the Pied Piper with debris from the Psychic-Pipe. After turning the Pied Piper over to the authorities, the Flash returns home for a reunion with the wife he now remembers.

"Green Arrow Is Dead!"

A bomb explodes in the basement of Oliver Queen's apartment building, retaliation for Queen's accidental slaying of a young sniper, as the Green Arrow. Investigating Queen's disappearance, the Green Lantern uses his power ring to create energy constructs, keeping the building from collapsing, until fire and rescue teams can arrive. Once they do, the Green Lantern collapses in exhaustion, just as the Black Canary arrives on the scene.

At that moment, Queen is flying the Arrowplane, his mind lost replaying the events of the sniper's death, at his hands. Queen pilots the Arrowplane into a mountainside, ejecting from the cockpit before impact. Queen wanders to a remote monastery, begging for help and forgiveness. After recharging his power ring, the Green Lantern resumes his search for Queen, first heading out to a rendezvous site with the Black Canary. The Black Canary, though, has momentarily abandoned the search for Queen.

Having come across a homegrown terrorist group, the Black Canary infiltrates their ranks. The Black Canary is discovered, and though she puts up a valiant fight, she is overcome by their greater numbers. The Black Canary is carried up to the rooftop, and thrown off. She is rescued by the Green Lantern, who also rounds up the terrorist group. Though the two heroes have accomplished a great deal, they are no closer to finding Queen.

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