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"Ignition" continues! The Fastest Man Alive struggles to protect his fellow officers as the true identity of their killer is revealed. The Flash wants to bring the murderer to justice, but so does a rogue outside the law! Plus, a visit from the new rogue profiler for the K.C.P.D. is anything but pleasant for Wally and his wife, Linda!

Wally West has forgotten he is The Flash, but the events of the night before have made him realizes he has some sort of super-speed. After testing the limits of what he can do, he heads back to work at the K.C.P.D garage, where Wheeler, his boss, tells him about the latest cop murdered by being frozen to death. Their conversation is interrupted by Detective Jared Morillo and Alexander Petrov, who get under Wally's skin by mentioning he isn't as good as his uncle Barry Allen.

Wally goes for a walk and some would be muggers try to mug him. Wally tries to use his super-speed, but it doesn't work at first and he gets beaten up. Then when the muggers attempt to shoot him the speed kicks in and Wally is able to catch the bullets. Wally thinks he has the upper hand but the shock waves of his super-speed shake the buildings around him and they crash down on him, pinning him underneath.

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