The Flash #2

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Barry Allen might be the fastest man alive but what can he do against a villain that can actually be can be everywhere at once?

The Good

Like many current readers, I grew up reading Wally West as the Flash. We knew the legend of Barry Allen and the ultimate sacrifice he made during Crisis on Infinite Earths. Over the years I read as many back issues with Barry as I could get my hands on but Wally was still my favorite Flash. With this Flash series, many have been asking where Wally is and have almost been holding a grudge against Barry. With the first couple issues of this series, Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have made me realize that Barry is more than that legend. He is a cool character in his own right.

Flash is really seen using his powers in dynamic ways. It doesn't hurt that Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato's art is so amazing. The effects they use really drive home the point of what it would look like if someone could move around that quickly.

There is also more on who and what Mob Rule is. The flashback scenes are beautifully depicted with the combination of Manapul's art and Buccellato's colors. You can't help but stare at the pages long after you read all the text on each page.

The coolest parts are seeing the cosmic treadmill and (without spoiling anything) the...advancement in Flash's powers. It's a brilliant move and something Francis and Brian have spoken about. You have to wonder how the speed force affects Barry's body. We know he can move quickly and his metabolism is also sped up. Why wouldn't other parts of him run at superspeed as well. I can't recall there ever really being mention of expanding Flash's powers in this way but it's a brilliant move and I can't wait to see how it will be used. The pages where he uses this new 'power' will blow your socks off.

The Bad

I may not be an expert in physics but a scene involving a getaway car was a little bit of a stretch. It was cool and we are talking comic book action but it required a little bit of a stretch of the imagination.

We have a major cliffhanger at the end. It's a little unclear how what happens affects...everything but we're bound to find out next issue.

With Flash's new power, there is the possibility that he might become too powerful. I imagine that having someone that can move faster than anyone would be hard to defeat. This new ability makes him that much more powerful. Assuming Manapul and Buccellato have thought this through completely, it'll just fall on them to provide even bigger challenges in future issues.

The Verdict

This is what the Flash should be about. We have fast paced action, great visuals, progression in the story, revelations about the villain, new development in Flash's power, hints towards past relationships and a doosey of a cliffhanger. Like many readers, I would love to know where Wally West is in 'The New 52' but Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are convincing us that Barry Allen is more than just the legend of the greatest Flash. They are convincing us what makes him such a great character. As his powers and abilities are explored, there is a great addition that makes perfect sense. I can't recall seeing mention of this aspect before and there's the possibility that he could develop too much of an advantage over the bad guys. This just means writers will especially have to be on their toes in making the battles last more than a couple panels. The overall vibe of the issue is full of fun and excitement. You will be glued to Manapul's art and Buccellato's colors and you see the continuing story unfold.

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