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The Real Origin Of The Flash!

The Flash is seconds away from bringing down a ring of smugglers, when his protective aura vanishes, causing him to burst into flames. The Flash dives into the river to douse himself. Upon surfacing, he is confronted by Mopee, Initiate Tenth Class Of The Heavenly Help-Mates. Mopee reveals that the laboratory accident that gave the Flash his super-speed powers was, in fact, no accident. In reality, it was Mopee who was charged, by his superiors, to bestow upon him the gift of super-speed. Some years passed before Mopee came back to his home dimension, having gotten lost on the return journey. Upon arrival, Mopee learned that he failed to follow the rules and regulations for bestowing power on others, and thus, is obliged to remove the Flash's powers. For several moments, the Flash favorably considers a life without his powers.

Ultimately, though, the Flash realizes that he has a responsibility to uphold, and asks to make a deal. Reviewing the rules of his people, Mopee finds that, having made a mistake the first time, he is allowed to try again, provided all the pertinent criteria is met. In this case, the Flash must purchase the laboratory chemicals used in his transformation, to be eligible to receive Mopee's gift. The Flash has only 24 hours to earn the money to buy the chemicals. He must also earn that money as the Flash. Mopee temporarily returns the Flash's super-speed powers to him, so that he may proceed with winning them back permanently. Placing an advertisement in the local paper, seeking employment, the Flash receives a multitude of job offers. The Flash opts for a delivery position at a local plastics factory.

Despite the tremendous amount of work required of him, the Flash is only willing to work for the exact amount of money he needs, and not a penny more. Delivering the last of the packages, the Flash's protective aura cuts out on him again, once more setting him ablaze. After dousing the flames, the Flash notices that the package, which also caught fire, holds the very diamonds the ring of smugglers had stolen. After Mopee has, once again, restored his super-speed, the Flash races to the delivery address on the package. Sure enough, he finds the ring of smugglers. After the Flash has taken down the entire ring, Mopee recreates the accident that bestowed upon the Flash his super-human speed. The gift of super-human speed successfully... and properly... given, Mopee returns to his home dimension.

The Hypnotic Super-Speedster

Doctor Erik Darren, master hypnotist, performs before an assemblage of students, at Blue Valley High School. Darren takes the student's requests, demonstrating his amazing power of suggestion. When the students ask Darren to make the overweight Chubby Jones run around the world, as fast as Kid Flash, Darren balks. Darren cannot hypnotize someone into possessing super-powers. However, Darren relents to the students' pressure, and hypnotizes Jones.

Suddenly, to the astonishment of all involved, Jones takes off like a streak of lightning. Unbeknownst to Darren, and the audience, Kid Flash, himself, has decided to intervene, and invisibly carries Jones around the world. On his return trip to the auditorium, Kid Flash spies the school's custodian, being assaulted by a group of thugs. Returning Jones to the stage, Kid Flash, still unseen, races back to rescue the custodian. Kid Flash has all but beaten down the gang of crooks, when he misjudges the speed of a descending crowbar, and takes a grazing blow to the temple.

Upon recovering, Kid Flash learns, from the custodian, that the thugs stole the necessary tools to perform a "loft job". Kid Flash runs down the all the likely locations the thieves could be targeting. Kid Flash finds them looting a fur warehouse. In no time at all, the Fastest Boy Alive brings the criminals to justice. Afterwards, Kid Flash reveals his prank to Darren, setting the man's mind at ease.

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