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Keep on Chugging Along


Um, Ok.

It has been a long time since I last reviewed an issue of the Flash. I just got to the point that I didn't really have much to say on the book. Francis Manapul is doing his thing in the book with the art and the story. And it can be pretty to look at from time to time, but it just feels off.

I would say that it seems Manapul wants Flash's powers to be more mental than anything. With the speed thought coming into play and the new power that Flash demonstrated in this issue to transport whoever he wants into his own Fortress of Solitude type of environment called the Speed Land. I mean Force, Speed Force.

This book seems to have a bunch of different sub plots chugging along, with none of them having a sense of organic fluid-ness to them. They seem to just pop up when it is convenient for the story. Sorta like how in a TV show when some character has a never before mentioned brother or sister suddenly appear for one episode to help out with a plot point and then they are never heard from again.

The Flash just seems to be doing it's own thing these days, nestled away into its own corner of the DC universe. I don't read Justice League so I don't know how he is currently being portrayed over in that book, but I can tell you that I'm just not that interested what goes on over there as well. I'm only getting Flash to keep my collection going, which is not a good reason to buy a book that isn't doing too well.


Words: 5/10

Pictures: 7/10

General Feeling After Reading: Blah.

Buy Next Issue: Keep this collection train a-chugging!

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