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The Flash's Final Fling!

On Earth-2, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, and Kid Flash pay a visit to Doctor Charles McNider. Feeling that Central City no longer gives him the accolades and appreciation he deserves, Allen has foresworn his career as the Flash. As Allen was preparing to leave Central City forever, Kid Flash abducted him, and brought Allen to Earth-2. Under hypnosis, Allen reveals that chronal officer Petar Thrant, from the year 3780, came to him, and mesmerized him into retiring his Flash identity. It seems a criminal from Thrant's time, Frand Mattar, had planted an explosive device in Central City.

Fearing the Flash's super-speed vibrations might trigger the bomb,Thrant came back in time to "convince" Allen not to use his powers anymore. McNider's offer to assist the Scarlet Speedsters, in his guise as Doctor Mid-Nite, is rebuffed. Allen wants to handle this case personally, with only Kid Flash at his side. As the two speedsters cross the dimensional gulf, between Earth-1 and Earth-2, they accelerate to the point that they break the time barrier, arriving on Earth-1 in the year 3780. Despite Thrant's warnings, the Scarlet Speedsters immediately head off to confront Mattar. They discover Mattar in the process of stealing an entire bank. Mattar activates the detonator for the bomb.

The Scarlet Speedsters have only three minutes to defeat Mattar, and his gang, then return to their time, to deal with the bomb. Despite the deadline, the Flash purposely takes more then two minutes to beat down Mattar, and his gang, to teach them a lesson. Returning to present day Central City, the Scarlet Speedsters match their internal vibratory frequency to that of Mattar's detonator signal. Following the signal to the bomb's location, they arrive just as it begins to explode. Racing around the blast site at super-human speed, the Scarlet Speedsters are able to contain the force of the explosion within a powerful whilrlwind. The Flash's latest adventure makes all the headlines, and the Flash, himself, is presented with the key to the city.

Big Blast In Rocket City!

Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, and his girlfriend, Picture News reporter, Iris West, have joined her father, on vacation, in Florida. Professor West lingers at the restaurant, insisting that his daughter, and Allen, head off to have some fun. West is waiting for his colleagues in the Space Agency, to unveil his latest inventions. Overhearing Allen call West "Professor", three thugs in an adjoining booth, mistakenly believe West to be a criminal genius, known only as "The Brain". The three thugs introduce themselves to West, who, in his absent-mindedness, believes them to be his colleagues. West accompanies them to their hideout, then provides them with his first invention, a formula for overcoming vertigo in space.

The crooks instead use the formula to cause vertigo in the security guards, when they rob the richest department store in Rocket City. West grows concerned over her father's long absence. Overhearing a news report on the robbery, Allen prepares to swing into action, as the Flash. West, though, insists that Allen help her look for her father. West excuses herself to the powder room to get ready. Allen determines that he has exactly 10 minutes to capture the crooks, before West returns. Allen, as the Flash, runs down the crooks who, nonetheless, escape him when they activate the rocket engine in their car. Another contribution from Professor West, being repurposed for criminal use. The Flash tracks the car by following the luminous molecules of the rocket fuel left in it's wake.

The Flash discovers that the crooks are holding the professor. Using another of the professor inventions, a force field designed to aid with re-entry, the crooks are able to keep the Flash at bay. The Flash tunnels under the force field, and burrows up into the house. West stops one of the gunmen from shooting the Flash. After defeating the three criminals, the Flash races back to his hotel room. As West emerges from the powder room, Allen informs her that they won't have to search for her father afterall. A news bulletin informs West of the Flash's latest adventure, and that her father is safe and sound at the Space Agency.

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