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Battle Against The Breakaway Bandit!

A mysterious object lands in Central City. As it begins to spin, it emits beams of light, which transforms the citizens into whirling wisps of energy. The faster the machine spins, the farther it's beams of light reach, inciting a panicked exodus from Central City. Enter the Flash. The Scarlet Speedster runs counterclockwise to the machine's rotating arms, creating a whirlwind that begins to slow it down. The machine stops, briefly, but resumes spinning before the Flash can act. The Flash uses the same maneuver to halt the device, then, still moving at super-human speed, batters it to pieces with his bare hands. Unfortunately, the device's destruction does not restore the afflicted populace to normal. The Flash receives word that another mysterious device has landed in Hokkaido.

This device emits a powerful sucking force that is drawing civilians into it's maw. The Flash generates a powerful opposing wind force, that tears the motor out of the device. It's victims, though, are not recovered. The Flash receives word that yet another mysterious device has landed in Madrid. En route to Madrid, the Flash comes under laser fire, from an alien craft. The Flash fakes taking a direct hit, then vibrates, invisibly, aboard the ship. Taking the pilot by surprise, the Flash literally punches his head off. Horrified at the accidental decapitation of his foe, the Flash freezes just long enough for the headless alien to blast him into unconsciousness. The Flash awakens in an energy pyramid. His captor identifies himself as Zedubon Zarr, an alien gunrunner.

Having recently pilfered an armory on Xorcer, Zarr discovered that, as a security measure against theft, the weapons were programmed to automatically activate, after a measured lapse of time. Endanger of becoming a victim to the very weapons he had stolen, Zarr jettisoned them over Earth. By the time Zarr had determined a way to get around the Xorcer anti-theft protocols, the Flash had already destroyed two of the weapons. Zarr, though, sees the Flash as a way of recouping his lost profits, by selling the Flash, himself, as a weapon. While Zarr busies himself collecting the Xorcer weapons strewn about Earth, the Flash resumes his civilian identity, that of police forensics scientist, Barry Allen.

Once Zarr discovers Allen within the energy pyramid, Allen convinces Zarr that the Flash teleported out, by changing places with Allen. Zarr releases Allen on the condition that Allen leads him to the Flash. Moving faster than the eye can see, Allen dons his Flash uniform, as soon as Zarr shuts down the pyramid. The Flash attacks Zarr, but finds that he cannot land a single blow. Zarr possesses the uncanny ability to detach any of his body parts from one another, while still maintaining complete control over them. Soon the Flash finds himself battling against multiple pieces of Zarr, all working in unison against him. The Flash seals Zarr's lower extremities in Zarr's ship, then binds Zarr's arms about his torso.

The Flash grabs Zarr's disembodied head, only to receive a powerful electric shock, projected through Zarr's hair. Stamping his feet at super-speed, the Flash builds up a cushion of compressed air, lifting him off the ground. No longer grounded, the electric current from Zarr's hair passes harmlessly through the Flash. The Flash squeezes Zarr's hair (in actuality his brain) until Zarr passes out. The Flash knots Zarr's hair together to keep him in an unconscious state. A Xorcer space patrol ship arrives to take Zarr into custody. After restoring the human victims of their weapons, the Xorcer patrolman tells the Flash that one day, Earth, too, will only design non-lethal weapons. When Earth outlaws war, it will take it's rightful place among the civilizations of the universe.

The One-Man Justice League!

While relaxing at home, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, hears a news bulletin regarding a robbery by the Land-Sea-Air Gang. Allen activates his costume ring, to go into action as the Flash, only to see the Green Lantern's costume emerge from the ring. Quickly ascertaining that he's lost his super-speed powers, Allen just as quickly learns he has a working power ring. Allen corrals one of the gang's helicopters, using the power ring. As Allen closes in on the gang, he suddenly finds himself wearing Hawkman's costume. Allen use the anti-gravity power of Hawkman's Nth metal wings to destroy the gang's getaway car.

Allen begins brawling with the gang, until he's floored by a lucky punch. As Allen hits the ground, his costume changes again, to that of Aquaman. Unbeknownst to Allen,the evil scientific genius, Professor Ivo, is using the Flash's aura to steal and absorb the powers of the individual members of the Justice League of America. Unbeknownst to Ivo, he has not actually succeeded in duplicating the Flash's aura, but is using the Flash's actual aura to effect his power thefts. Thus, Allen is briefly gaining the same powers, as Ivo draws them into himself. Allen pursues the Land-Sea-Air Gang, as Aquaman. Allen commands the marine life to clog up the rotors on the gang's getaway boat with seaweed.

As Allen boards their vessel, the gang opens up on him. Allen is saved when he suddenly transforms into the Atom. Unfamiliar with using the Atom's size and weight controls, Allen finds the gang getting the better of him. Having failed to take into account Superman's invulnerability, Ivo overloads his power theft machines, until they explode. With the destruction of the device, Allen, once more, becomes the Flash. In short order, the Flash takes down the Land-Sea-Air Gang. Ivo lies in the rubble of his laboratory, his fate unknown.

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