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Robin and Aqualad guest-star in a flashback issue written by Joe Casey (Cable, WILD TIMES: GEN13), with art by Duncan Rouleau and Aaron Sowd! After the extra-special issue #150, Waid, Augustyn, Pelletier, and Russell take a one-issue break, so they just provide a framing sequence for this tale from early in Wally West's career, when he and a pal from his neighborhood had to head off an attempted Gorilla City invasion of America!

Fifteen year old Wally West discovers a gorilla lurking inside the Blue Valley, Nebraska, Museum of Humanities after the museum should be closed for the evening. Transforming into Kid Flash, he confronts the gorilla. Kid Flash discovers that Gorilla Montague is not an enemy. Montague is a good guy and not evil, unlike Gorilla Grodd. Montague is attempting to retrieve a simian skull stolen from an ancestral burial ground in the Congo near Gorilla City. Montague warns Kid Flash that he is on a mission to prevent a war between Gorilla City and the United States over the stolen gorilla remains. Respecting gorilla people's indigenous rights, Kid Flash decides to help Montague return the simian remains to Africa. But they must overcome several travel problems, time constraints, and thwart adventurer Buck Wargo who claims to be the rightful owner of the simian skull.

Reprinted in DC Goes Ape #1.

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