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As "Chain Lightning" concludes, in failing to prevent the untimely death of Barry Allen, Wally West has inadvertently changed history--leading to a battle against the Anti-Monitor!

Chain Lightning, part 6 of 6. With the death of Barry Allen in the 30th century, history has changed. Now, Wally West finds himself in a 30th century where the Anti-Monitor has won the Crisis on Infinite Earths. After trying to fight the Anti-Monitor alone, Wally runs back into the past, to join forces with the rest of the heroes during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. He joins forces with Superman’s assault team on the Anti-Monitor’s base of operations. Even with the Flash helping out invisibly, the heroes still fall to the Anti-Monitor. Realizing that the only way for the heroes to win is to bring back Barry Allen, Wally goes to the point where Cobalt Blue kills Barry. Wally intercepts Cobalt Blue before he kills Barry, and uses his speed to destroy both Cobalt Blue and himself. Wally West has joined the Speed Force alongside Barry Allen and Johnny Quick, but a new, mysterious Flash has appeared on in Keystone City.

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