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Cobalt Blue uses fragments of his splintered magical crystal to possess an army of super speedsters, which Wally and Barry must battle.

Chain Lightning, part 5 of 6. In the 30th century, Cobalt Blue has possessed Jay Garrick, and is controlling a couple of dozen super-speedsters spanning ten centuries. The only two speedsters with their free will left are Wally West and Barry Allen. The two heroes try to stand against the speedster army, but only last so long. They two flee to the Flash Museum, where they use some of Mirror Master’s old gear to go invisible. After regrouping, the two Flashes use the Rogues Gallery’s gear to free Jay Garrick from Cobalt Blue’s possession. The three original Flashes then combine their super-speed to generate vibrations that shatter the other speedsters’ gem slivers, freeing them. The other speedsters leave, freed, while Wally West spends one last minute with Barry Allen. However, Cobalt Blue is not dead, but still exists as a living flame. Cobalt Blue arises, and kills Barry Allen. Wally is too shocked to move. With Barry dead, though, history changes. Without Barry to stop the Anti-Monitor’s tachyon cannon during the Crisis of Infinite Earths, the Anti-Monitor has now won.

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