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Even more speedsters join the fight as Wally meets with Iris West II, as well Don and Dawn Allen, a.k.a the Tornado Twins.

Chain Lightning, part 4 of 6. Each of the speedsters have traveled to another time period to recruit heroes against Cobalt Blue. Wally West has followed Reverse-Flash to the year 2980, where he has uncovered a plan for one of the Cobalt Blues to kill the Tornado Twins. Wally stops Reverse-Flash from getting his hands on Cobalt Blue’s mystic gem, and returns Reverse-Flash to 25th century jail. Meanwhile, Flashes from all eras coordinate efforts against various Cobalt Blues, all the while passing along information and slivers of Cobalt Blue’s gem. Wally swings by the early 30th century, where he meets up with the Tornado Twins, Don and Dawn Allen, to confirm they are OK. They have already received word and their slivers, so Wally continues on. Bart Allen travels to the 30th century to warn his cousin Jenni Ognats, XS of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Bart thinks that XS is under attack, but he has mistakenly interrupted Legion tryouts. Bart and XS meet the 21st century Kid Flash, Iris West, and the three decide to go to the 30th century era where Barry Allen is still alive. When they arrive, they fight each other. Wally also arrives, and realizes the desire to fight is coming from the slivers. Realizing they have all been tricked, Wally tries to free the three teenagers. However, he is interrupted by all the Flashes, all controlled by Cobalt Blue, led by a possessed Jay Garrick. Just as everything looks hopeless, Wally is rescued by the 30th century Barry Allen.

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