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Wally West, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, and Jesse Quick run into a variety of speedsters as they travel the time stream looking to save the lives of future Flashes.

Chain Lightning, part 2 of 6. Each of the speedsters have traveled to another time period to recruit heroes against Cobalt Blue. Jesse Quick had come to the 28th century, and been blasted by that era’s Cobalt Blue. That era’s Flash, Jace Allen, saves her, and the two team up to defeat the female green-skinned Cobalt Blue. Jesse gives Jace a sliver of Cobalt Blue’s gem to Jace before heading off again. In the 853rd century, Wally West stops by to recruit the help of that era’s Flash, John Fox, member of the Justice Legion Alpha. The two Flashes defeat the villain Wetware, Wally gives John a sliver, and the two are off to continue warning speedsters. Max Mercury arrives in the year 2231, where he is not in time to stop the Flash of that era from killing Cobalt Blue. Earlier, that era’s Cobalt Blue crippled that Flash’s daughter. Unfortunate, a nearby teen grabs the mystic gem, becoming the next Cobalt Blue and killing Flash. Max realizes that the gem is what passes the Cobalt Blue dynasty. The teen Cobalt Blue is defeated by Max and the Flash’s daughter, Sela, now powered by the Speed Force. Sela becomes the next Flash, but the curse of Cobalt Blue took its first of two Flashes. Sela and Max continue the recruitment. Meanwhile, Bart finds his next Flash, Jay Garrick finds his next Flash ( Wally’s daughter), and Wally West goes to confront the Reverse-Flash.

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