tomlikesfries's The Flash #13 - Gorilla Warfare, Part 1: King Grodd review

Dinner is Served!

The Good:

In my opinion, this is one of the best series of The New 52. I just caught up to it yesterday and it is truly amazing.

Manapaul and Buccellato, once again deliver a great piece of work. What I truly loved about this issue were all the ''thought'' balloons (I think the word ''boxes'' is of better use than ''balloons'', but whatever).

The story is simple, but good. Gorilla Grodd's army arrives in Central City, as he believes Flash's powers actually belong to him. Barry and the Rogues must try to repel the army of apes. I loved the Rogues' appearances, as they are actually some of my favorite villains ever, but to see them fight alongside the Flash against super intelligent monkeys was just bad@ss.

The artwork was great even though it failed at some rare points.

By the way, seeing Grodd ripping off the Trickster's arm was awesome in so many ways!

The Bad:

This whole issue was a fight. I admit that it was a pretty awesome battle between Flash and the Rogues vs. Grodd's army of apes, but after a while, it just got boring.

Anyway, this was a pretty good comic, but it wasn't epic.


4/5 stars. This was a great issue, and it had an awesome fight, even though it gets a little bit boring by the end.

Talking about the end, I forgot to mention that this issue has an awesome ending that is gonna leave you excited for the next number. Now you wanna pick this up, don't cha, don't cha, don't cha (I know you do!) ?!


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