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Mirror Master escapes prison by going to an alternate mirror dimension where the women are obsessed with mirrors.

Doom Of The Mirror-Flash!

Snare Of The Headline Huntress!

Daphne Dean's agent, Mister Fowler, sets up a publicity stunt. Fowler intends to have Dean renew her romance with her childhood sweetheart, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen. By Fowler's design, Dean and Allen just happen to be on the same train, returning to their hometown of Fallville. Upon arrival, Dean and Allen ditch Fowler, and spend the day revisiting their old haunts. That night, Allen has a vivid dream where he sees himself, as a child, wearing his Flash costume, rescuing Dean, from a bull's charge. Allen is invited to a masked ball, where Dean will re-enact a dramatic scene from her upcoming movie.

In the scene, four masked Union officers arrest Dean, on suspicion of her being a Confederate spy. When the actors, hired to play the Union soldiers, reappear after the scene, Allen learns they were rendered unconscious and replaced by armed thugs. Dean has been abducted. Allen sets off on the kidnapper's trail, as the Flash. After incapacitating their getaway car, the Flash turns the crooks over to the local authorities. The next morning, Allen confesses to being in love with Picture News reporter, Iris West. Allen and Dean part company. Alone in her hotel room, Dean breaks down crying. Though their reunion was intended to garner headlines, Dean has actually fallenback in love with Allen.

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