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The first Silver Age appearance of Golden Age Flash and the first mention of an Earth-2 where Golden Age heroes live! Barry Allen appears at the Community Center in Central City to perform for kids, and during one of his amazing tricks is mysteriously transported to Keystone City, a place that he recalls that the original Flash once lived. Prepare for the meeting of the Flash of two worlds!

Barry Allen travels to Earth-Two and encounters Jay Garrick, The Flash of Earth-Two. Who is the real Flash, Barry Allen or Jay Garrick? This classic Silver Age story resurrected the Golden Age Flash and provided a foundation for the Multiverse homes from which he and the Silver Age Flash would hail. It was fitting that the historic meeting between the two Flashes should be written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Carmine Infantino, who had both chronicled the adventures of the Golden Age Flash in the 1940s. The creative duo sent the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen, through an interdimensional rift to a parallel Earth where he would meet the childhood idol he had read about in "Flash Comics." Allen's timing couldn't have been better: Jay Garrick, now 20 years older, had just decided to come out of retirement in the midst of a mysterious crime wave in Keystone City - a string of thefts by his old arch nemesis the Thinker, the Shade and the Fiddler.

The Flashes became fast friends, and tracked down the dastardly trio to the Keystone City Museum, where they thwarted the villains' plan to steal rare gems. The experience motivated Jay Garrick to remain out of retirement, while Barry Allen returned home to track down Flash Comic's writer Gardner Fox and tell him of the fantastic adventure he had just shared with his "creation."

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