the_poet's The Flash #115 - The Day Flash Weighed 1,000 Pounds! / The Elongated Man's Secret Weapon! review

Fat Flash, Gilgold and Interesting Letters

When I was looking through the comics on this site when I first joined, I came across this comic. When I saw it, I remember frowning and exclaiming, "what in the world?" Then I laughed for a minute or two before exploring some more. I have to say having read it now that it is still weird, but the stories are still interesting nevertheless.

The Good: Fat Flash

The first story is definitely a weird one, but it remains a cool issue. I really wish I could talk more about it but I would spoil the entire story which is very cool. I was reminded of a video G-man once did, but that was slightly different. Anyway, basically Flash becomes fat due to a small time villain (who looks remarkably like Barry allen's Second Super-villain named Mazdan, but unfortunately he is not). Its a nice story, though it really feels like its missing something. I'm sure due to the nature of the story I will read a sequel very soon or it will be reconned out...Anyway its an interesting story.


The second story is cool because we get to see where Elongated Man's power comes from. It seemed odd to me that Ralph got his powers from extracting a fruit from a drink and it seems the writers agreed with me so we actully get to see the fruit in question in the second story. Its a nice story, which presents a cool team up between Elonated Man and Flash that makes the story even more enjoyable.

Interesting Letters from the Past

A few issues ago, I started seeing letters to the editor. One reader suggested (since they had created a female version of Batman in the form of Batwoman) they could create a "Lady Flash". The Editor was quick to point to Iris Allen as the "Lady Flash" which is a good reply. It would be 20 years later in 1987 that we were introduced to Lady Flash. Another letter I would like to mention is this one:

Well, Mr. Morton, *looks down at the new stack of comics from the comic book store* I think the future is safe for the characters you have mentioned as long as fans continue to love them


this is a good issue with some interesting parts. I wouldn't say this is the best issue of the series, but it has some nice spots (and a surprising thing which I can't talk about).

Best Flash Moment Ever :)

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