the_poet's The Flash #111 - Invasion of the Cloud Creatures! / Kid Flash: The Challenge of the Crimson Crows! review

Of Clouds and Crows

This is a iffy issue, but I'll review it anyway...

Barry fights some clouds

You read right! the villain for Flash is none other than the infamous Cloud Creatures! Laugh all you want (I have), because this is quite funny (at least to me). This is actully the kind of stories I actully expected from older comics. I mean, the very idea of Cloud Creatures is very amusing. All amusement aside, this is a relatively good story. I mean, we do see some fun Barry/Iris relationship moments which really show why Iris is the brains of the couple!

Wally West fights fires!

Wally West (aka Kid Flash) returns for a second issue. Last time he captured some loose animals (whoops! spoilers!) and in this issue he fixes the destruction caused by some rival gangs (the crows and the eagles!). Like its Wally West predecessor, this story is most likely directed toward a younger audience than the readers of the regular Flash stories (which could go for any readers). It does have some enjoyable moments with Kid Flash playing with his abilities (which sort of reminded me of Smallville or the first Superman Movie in regards to speed).

Conclusion regarding stories

In reading this issue, I am not really impressed. For the most part the previous issues were good and had great stories, so when I look at this one I expect more than what they gave me. I mean, I guess you do expect to have some off issues where the stories aren't that great and this issue is one of those. It did have some fun moments so I can't count it off entirely, but i know based on the previous issues they could have done more.

The Highlights of the issue

For the past few paragraphs I realize I have been complaining about this issue, so why don't I mention what was good about the issue? Well, the art is pretty good. The first word which comes to mind in regards to the are is "feathery". The penciler (Carmine Infantino if the info is correct) created some elegant art which I am pretty impressed by. This feathery-edged art is most definitely perfect for a comic with the protagonist of Clouds. There are also some fun relationship moments. However, if you were going to pick up just one of the several issues in this early flash volume this wouldn't be my first suggestion.

I'm not expert, but I don't think she'll like it better! first mistake!
Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I for one, don`t think that they`re ridiculous.

Posted by The Poet

@kfhrfdu_89_76k said:

I for one, don`t think that they`re ridiculous.

whatever you say...


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