the_poet's The Flash #110 - Challenge of the Weather Wizard! / Meet Kid Flash! review

Welcome Wally West with Weather Wizard!

Say that ten times fast! This issue brings the first appearance of two important figures in Barry Allen's life and the whole Flash legacy. The first is a major Rogue: Weather Wizard and then after that: the 1st appearance of Kid Flash Wally West!

Weather Wizard: a winner story wise

Out of the 10 or more flash enemies I have see in reviewing in my Flash Review Project, my first favorite story would be that of Captain Cold. However, I have to say my second favorite first appearance story would be that of Mark Mardon also known as the Weather Wizard. His story is just really entertaining. His weather related powers are very much a threat to flash. Although there is some room to grow as a character, this rogue is relatively well developed. I can see why this character is one of the main Flash Rogues...

It took Barry 10 appearances, but someone finally used the word "Flashy"! I now have a lot of respect for Mark...

Wally West: Flash's younger clone?

don't you love hand-me-downs?

I realize I will get lots of Wally West fans angry with that title, by bare with me. Up to this point, I have not read any appearances of Wally (either as Flash or other wise), so I am only able to review what I know. Here are some large similarities I noticed (hopefully not spoilers):

they both had the same accident in the exact same way. I mean I get that they needed some way to have Wally receive the power of speed (and the speed force it self was not invented as a plot device until much later), but it feels tacky to copy Barry's origin story. They did try to get a different feel to the way they introduced the characters, but it just seems too similar for my tastes, but then that is just me.

knock a tooth out and he'd look like Neuman 6 years before his creation...

They both have the same costume! Its not until later in the series that the kid costume changes to the familiar Reverse-Flash-esk costume, so the costumes are the exactly the same (in fact they ARE the same because Wally is using one of Barry's spares). This causes both Flash and Kid Flash to look exactly the same. I mean, the artist really trys to distinguish Barry and Wally by making his facial structure similar to Alfred E. Neuman (sorry, thats the face I think of when I see him at some points minus the tooth). Of course, after drawing Kid Flash in that way, the artist has a tough time going back to regular Flash. So, at some points Barry has the Neuman-esk look as well.

Honestly, this is just the frame works for the character. Its only later that he evolves to be different from Flash (barry allen) to make his own image. I can't say I like this character the way he is presented in this issue. I mean, it really seems like they were pushing way too hard to use slang and phrases that kids Wally's age would use, but as I said he is only the frame work for what is to come.


This is a good issue. I mean, we get to meet a major flash rogue who is quite entertaining and we get to meet Kid Flash (aka Wally West). If you do get to read this issue expect a "superboy" style story for Wally West (in other words one which doesn't seem like much of a challenge and more geared toward kids). Even with the complaints I have I will say this is a great issue and you should read it if you can if only to see where two important Flash figures first appeared.

A villain who can design his own clothing and powers is a very powerful being...
Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Nice review.

Posted by The Poet

@kfhrfdu_89_76k said:

Nice review.


Posted by CrazyScarecrow

Wally does look like Neuman. I browsed through the pictures before actually reading the review and I thought the same thing.

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