the_poet's The Flash #107 - Return of the Super-Gorilla! / The Amazing Race Against Time! review

A Gorilla picks up a red phone and says...

Welcome to Flash #107. I'm your currently lone early Flash reviewer!

1st story: City of the Apes!

Both Solovar and Gorilla Grodd make their second appearances in this issue. As stories go, this is pretty good. I think we get to see Grodd's mind control powers more this issue than in the previous one. Looking at this issue, we can see how the writers were developing his character into the being we all know now as a threat to a majority of the DC universe. Not to spoil things for people who might read this issue, but it takes Barry a page to finally defeat Grodd, which is significantly less than the modern page amounts. But as I said, he's developing.

2nd Story: Who is the Fastest MAN Alive?

The second story is relatively good. Its related to the guy on the cover (just if you were curious). This guy (whose name is Kyri) is even faster than Flash and they actully have a race (like on the cover) where Kyri runs backwards going super speed. This story is less eventful than you would think and mainly focuses on this guy and his struggles to remember who and what he was before he forgot.


This is a pretty good issue. We get to see more of Gorilla City and it mysertious technologies. I think my favorite part is when Solovar uses a phone, but then when is a Gorilla talking on a phone NOT amusing?

I really wish I knew what the hold music on that phone was...
Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

You forgot to tell about art!

I suppose it was pretty good.

Posted by The Poet

@kfhrfdu_89_76k said:

You forgot to tell about art!

I suppose it was pretty good.

well, it relativly the same art. thats why I mainly focus on the story. It is pretty good.


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