funrush's The Flash #1 - The Flash review

One of Dc's fastest comes to the New 52 with great speed!


To put it in short, the story is pretty good. We have an introduction to Barry, The Flash, we have an action packed scene with some masked gunman, a sort of mystery pertaining to one of the gunmen, a reunion, a chase scene, and a huge cliffhanger. Francis Manapul did a good job with this one.


The art is good. It kind of fits the whole sciency nature of the Flash. Brian Buccellato did a good job with the coloring. I also like how everything seems... sort of modern. It just works.

The Good

  • The Story
  • The Art
  • Some Characters are somewhat memorable

The Bad

  • Some characters weren't memorable

The Verdict

Pick this up. It's got a good story, good art, and good characters. It is a fun experience and a great read.


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