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"We're Always Running From Something"

The Flash is back! However, what will happen when he is attacked by the terrorists known as Mob Rule?
The Good  
I'm going to start with the art (which is what I tend to notice first anyway) and I certainly approve! I did briefly read parts of the previous series, so I'm aware of how Francis Manapul's pencilling work looks. I like how he works, his style alongside Brian Buccellato's colours give the interiors a great sort of "pastel" look, it honestly looks like watercolour painting most of the time (particularly the flashback scene between a younger Barry and Manuel.) There's also a lot of playing around with traditional page panelling, especially with the double-page "title page". I imagine the creative team have a lot of fun doing those! 
It would be neglectful to not mention the writing too! I on the whole am enjoying that too. The basis premises is the balance Barry Allen has to strike between being an under-pressure police forensic scientist and his superhero persona. I enjoy how he can switch between the civilian and saving the day as the Flash in the blink of an eye. 

The Bad  
I'll admit it, the main pull of The Flash to me as a character are his Rogues (much like Batman), so I hoped for their return. However much like the other New 52 titles, we kick off with a new villain instead. I'm not saying Mob Rule is not interesting, but I would of rather read about one or more of Flash's long-time foes instead. 

My Flash knowledge isn't too great, but I decided to pick us this opening issue to get into the character. Great issue overall, fantastic art, great writing and overall a treat for Flash fans new and old!

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