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Decent story, so-so art, average results 0

Flash has been a character that I've liked but who's ongoing series have never  been able to maintain my interest. So DC's relaunch offered me a good chance to give the character another try. "Flash" #1 is a solid and fairly well structured first issue that does a nice job introducing Barry Allen as well as his supporting cast. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato's story moves at a brisk pace implementing elements from mystery and detective dramas while also giving us a couple of Flash action ...

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The Flash Leads the New Era AGAIN! 0

I wasn't expecting this to be as good as it was but . . . DAMN. It's really good. Written by Francis Manapul and drawn by Brian Buccellato, The Flash#1 delivers on all fronts. The writing is superb, the artwork is fantastic, and it paves the way for what a relaunch title should be.The story revolves around a classic Flash and armed intruders story but then takes a very personal turn for Barry Allen. Not only is The Flash accused of killing one of the assailants, the perp in question is one of Al...

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The new age of the crimson speedster has a great start 0

The flash gets a new tittle again, which depicts him in a stage of his life where he is the superhero we all love to see with some changes.The issue starts with a bunch of bad guys stealing something i forgot what it was (they tend to do that so many times I hardly pay attention to what they are taking without permission) so Barry who was in a "date" with a girl named patty, rushes into action as he shows off his new ring and costume which seems like an armor which is awesome! I love the new des...

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I must say I absolutely loved the art in this book. The art and style I think matches the flash is completely. Each and every page was phenomenal, most impressively the title page and the overhead view of Barry working.This is the first flash book I have ever read, however I am familiar with the character; both Barry and Wally through animated films and tv shows. That being said to completely new readers this issue is easy to follow and creates a great jumping point for those that wish to start ...

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Off to an average start. 0

If I'm being honest and comparing this with comics in general it's nothing spectacular and nothing beyond what I'd expect, but the fact of the matter is that with this first month of DCnU there has been so much that is just awful that this does get a bit higher rating just by being surrounded by all that trash. The book is average, but there isn't really anything to rage about or praise heavily so without the forthcoming points there isn't anything else much to say other than, once again this is...

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Writer Wanted: Artists and Colorists Need Not Apply 0

The Flash kicks off with some very kinetic and appealing art from Francis Manapul as we get a look at the new Barry Allen. Unfortunately, the book does not really have a writer writing it, and frankly, that really shows.Having not really even said anything yet, I already feel like I am being mean here. I could go on and on about how great I think the art is on this issue. It's even better than it was on the previous volume of this title. Flash looks great even with all his seams, which if you sp...

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Barry Allen Fans Rejoice, Everyone Else... Eh, Whatever 0

With this DC Relaunch they've been trying out lots of new things, such as with this issue where they got a colorist and artist to pull double duty and work as writers. Now when I first heard that they were doing that on the Flash, I was actually pretty intrigued. The Flash is all about speed, so to have the guys who are visualizing the story also know exactly how to make that story flow out onto the page could actually work really well in this series. And for the most part, yeah, it totally pays...

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Barry Allen, Now That's a Super Hero! 0

I can't say that there is anything better than Flash #1. The story, the art, even the dialogue is incredible. I've never much gone in for the Flash, but this comic is amazing. I loved it. There really is nothing more finely crafted than this comic. I really love how good all of the characterizations are in this comic. If this comic continues along this path, I can only see good things for this series and certainly a must buy for everyone. Other than Batwing; I haven't read a better comic of the ...

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Your Childhood Idol is Back... maybe 0

The Flash is special to me. When I was a kid, this was my favorite comic. I used to run everywhere - I wanted to be The Flash. I liked the comic because, beginning with Gardner Fox, and continuing onward, it had the most creative writing in comics - a better villain lineup than Batman - Flash comics actually used the term Rogue's Gallery for his villains long before it was co-opted by Batman. There was Mirror Master, Golden Glider, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Gorilla Grod, Professor Zoom, H...

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Always Running From Something 0

The Story: Barry Allen takes Patty on a date when it's suddenly interrupted by a group of armed men who seek an important object forcing the Flash to intervene.  My Thoughts:I was pretty excited for this series all month long. Having to wait until the last week for it was sort of torture. I had been eagerly anticipating its release due to the fact that Francis Manapul was on it. I'm not familiar with Brian Buccellato at all so I have no frame of reference concerning him. After finishing the firs...

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A Flash and Splash debut. 0

I really enjoy when the artist is also writer.  Partly because the voice I think is clearer.  From Manapul's first Flash series with Geoff Johns we really saw a strong visual storytelling from Manapul and now without Johns, the story is so clear with Manapul's narrative.  We see some hand lettering blended into the art like a young Will Eisner.  We also see great panel layout, accompanied by great contrast of inking style and color choices.  This book is beautiful on the eyes.  This story ...

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Perfect 0

I guess I'm on of the few DC fans who wanted Barry back as The Flash, well we got that. It's not that I don't like Wally, it's just that in comparison to Barry I don't find him all that interesting. So many wanted Wally back but I guess I don't see why. Barry just had a great run with Geoff Johns writing and this has a lot of potential to be better even if Iris and Barry aren't even dating one another. Sure, Francis Manapul may mainly be an artists but that's not to say he can't write.Barry is n...

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Francis and Barry Hit the Ground Running! 0

Lightning Strikes BackThe Flash races back lead the charge of the new DCU! Francis Manapul pens the tale of Barry Allen reuniting with a friend from his past that has a mysterious secret that will push Barry to his limitsWhy Buy the BookAdmit it, your curious if you could afford to buy 52 comics a month this would not be a big deal. But 52 first issues of a brand new direction of a powerhouse publisher in DC. With a iconic character like The Flash how could you not pick this up?As mentioned Fran...

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Flash: Flash V.S. Madrox ! 0

Flash returns after a long hiatus and a great last arc:Road to Flashpoint! Will this book live up to expectations? Plot:  The Flash is framed for a murder(kinda), Flash is on the run from the Mob Rule, but who are the Mob Rule and what do they wan't with the Flash and his old friend Manuel? Good! Iris is(imo) portrayed much better here then in the old Flash book in which she sat in the background called Barry and drank coffee continuisly. Here she is a reporter and a good one at that, I hope Bar...

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Run Barry Run! 0

The Good: Manapul's art is at its best here. It doesn't look as crayon-y as it has other times. Things are much more clearly defined, and he does some amazing things with the panel layouts. They do a good job establishing the new status quo, for readers both old and new. Normally love triangles can bother me, but the one here is well written, but it probably works better for people who know the history. The personal touch in this story adds a good hook, and the final page reveal makes things eve...

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Hell Yeah 0

Wow. Manapul and Buccellato present the wonderful Barry Allen back in the debut issue of his own ongoing. The Flash series immediately preceding this one, was one in which Manapul's deft artistic style shined gloriously. In an increasingly "edgy" DC Universe, Barry provides good old-fashioned superheroics. Barry is an intrinsically square jawed and morally sound character somewhere between Superman and Captain America. He's constantly pushing himself to do more and be better, and lately his char...

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Nice costume 0

As a Wally West fan since the 1980s I've stuck with the Flash through difficult times (rebirth, blackest night and every single one of those flashpoint crossovers) and don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed some of them (Blackest Night was excellent), but I've been secretly hoping/waiting for Wally West to come back, even if it was just hanging around in the background while Allen took centre stage.But now here we are, Flash 1, the new 52. The slate is clean, Wally doesn't exist (someone at DC must re...

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Flash #1 0

Going into this, I've never read any Flash story ever before so I am a complete newb to his actual character, regular supporting cast and the like. Thankfully this issue was kind to me. I'm introduced to his girlfriend and his life quickly and when its needed and the story flows perfectly that never had me questioning what was up.Not to mention the art was fantastic. Great read, I'm in from here on out....

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Flash in the Pan 0

Barry Allen and Iris West are not married. They are not even dating. This is an important part of the issue - especially for the Flash who was being berated by Iris for most of his adult life. I understand that the new initiative hopes to rope in younger readers, but not every hero needs to be Spider-man.I bring this up because of questions it raises for Wally West. If he hasn't been wiped out of continuity altogether, is he still married? Does he have kids? Are we to understand that Kid Flash g...

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The Scarlet Speedster returns 0

I know this is late but I do want to contribute my thoughts on this book.Before Flashpoint, I had little interest in Barry Allen, I liked Wally a little more but Flashpoint really changed what I thought about Barry.The Good: Barry Allen at his core is the same as before. I like how he's not at experienced at everything he does and it makes him more human. Francis Manapul's art is so awesome, the first page, wow, I have never seen art like that, it is really something to behold. The Flash's previ...

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Back at the ranch 0

After the events of Flashpoint, it is now to Barry Allen to hold the mantle of the Flash.  The tone of the series is set right away, returning the character to a depiction of the character not seen since probably the 1960s as the young and inexperienced bungles his way through life as Barry just as much as he speeds through it as the Flash.  In pushing Barry back in this direction it seems as though the creative team is looking to find a medium ground where Barry takes on some of the characteris...

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"We're Always Running From Something" 0

Synopsis   The Flash is back! However, what will happen when he is attacked by the terrorists known as Mob Rule? The Good   I'm going to start with the art (which is what I tend to notice first anyway) and I certainly approve! I did briefly read parts of the previous series, so I'm aware of how Francis Manapul's pencilling work looks. I like how he works, his style alongside Brian Buccellato's colours give the interiors a great sort of "pastel" look, it honestly looks like watercolour painting m...

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One of Dc's fastest comes to the New 52 with great speed! 0

StoryTo put it in short, the story is pretty good. We have an introduction to Barry, The Flash, we have an action packed scene with some masked gunman, a sort of mystery pertaining to one of the gunmen, a reunion, a chase scene, and a huge cliffhanger. Francis Manapul did a good job with this one.ArtThe art is good. It kind of fits the whole sciency nature of the Flash. Brian Buccellato did a good job with the coloring. I also like how everything seems... sort of modern. It just works.The GoodTh...

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