The Flash #1

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Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato deliver the new Flash series, 'New 52' style. There are some changes but no need to be afraid, Barry Allen is back and ready to run laps around a deadly new villain.

The Good

My goodness, can we get just begin with the art? Manapul's art and Buccellato's colors are an amazing combination. Just seeing Barry in his civilian guise is great to look at. Not that the issue is full of Barry standing around in a suit, there is plenty of action to make your mouth water. When Flash is in action, you expect to get the feeling that he is moving fast. The effects they give him really make each panel shine. This is the kind of stuff you want to be able to see without the text covering up the art and colors.

What about the story? Barry is in safe hands with Manapul and Buccellato. Here's the shocker. Barry's character has been tweaked a little. We've seen some of the 'New 52' characters de-age slightly. This is a younger Barry. It's not completely clear what has or hasn't happened before. We don't know what past history is carrying over and what is being...shuffled under the rug but I'm actually okay with it.

I love the Flash. Since I first saw him in a Spanish comic book with Superman my dad gave me when I was five. Then his early appearances on the Super Friends with Hal Jordan made it clear there was more than just Batman and Superman. When I first got into officially reading comics, Barry had just died. Wally was the Flash I grew up with even though I read as many back issues/reprints I could get my hands on. The idea of any of Barry's history being overlooked is worrisome but there comes a time when you just have to roll with the punches.

The Flash #1 is exactly what 'The New 52' was meant to accomplish. Barry Allen is still the same character. There have been some slight changes made. Overall, the series has been injected with life, fun and excitement. That's what I want in a comic. If some past history is forgotten but we get new and exciting stories, it's a fair tradeoff. Most of the past stories and issues are rarely mentioned. When Manapul and Buccellato first said Barry wasn't dating Iris, I was concerned. But why dwell on it? The enthusiasm in this comic makes up for it. I was surprised at how easily I could let it go when it came to Barry.

There's also a new villain for Barry to deal with. It all comes together nicely. We're introduce to Barry. There's a lot that is familiar yet the skies the limit as we get to know Barry all over again.

The Bad

Nothing. This issue made me happy.

The Verdict

DC's 'The New 52' books are meant to be fun and exciting while re-introducing characters to new and old readers. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have succeeded in that objective. Barry Allen is still the same character except some tiny changes have been made. Some of his past continuity may have been wiped out but the energy put in here more than makes up for it. Manapul and Buccellato do a great job making this a beautiful comic. The colors and effects used when Flash is in action is something you'll want to show to even your non-comic reading friends. You'll want to look over this issue again and again. With a new villain and possible new direction in his personal life adds to the excitement of this new series. Don't let this issue race past you to a sell out.


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