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A ZERO HOUR tie-in issue! Trapped in the Speed Force, Wally West finds himself leaping through time as an intangible presence, observing key moments in his life. Can he escape and get back to his present? And how does his joining with the Speed Force change him? Events of this issue lead into FLASH #95!

A Zero Month crossover issue. While trying to outrun the time rift from Zero Hour #4, the Flash finds himself absorbed into the Speed Force. He finds himself moving uncontrollable through time, yet intangible to his surroundings. His first stop is to a recent battle with Team Turmoil, where he finds Max Mercury mysteriously watching over him. Other stops include him becoming the Flash, him finding out about Barry Allen’s death, him forming the Teen Titans, him gaining his powers, and him arguing with his parents. For his last stop, though, he finds himself tangible, and at a pivotal scene in his past where he first dreamed of being a hero. Our Flash convinces young Wally that his whole life is ahead of him. Feeling sure of himself, Flash starts controlling the Speed Force, forcing it to propel him back to the proper time.

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