The Flash #0

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"Why are you here, Barry?"

The Good

I've said it many times but the great thing about the zero issues is getting the chance to find out who these characters are in the New 52 Universe. We may all know who Barry Allen is but for many of today's readers, they weren't even alive before he "died" back in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Having Barry as the Flash now is a new experience for them. Even for those that are more familiar with Barry's adventures as the Flash, we still can't be absolutely sure what has or hasn't happened in this new continuity.

The main themes in the issue is Barry's father being accused of killing Barry's mom as well as Barry first gaining his powers. We get flashbacks in a flashback as the main story takes place five years ago but we even see Barry as a child before his mom's death.

Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato may be doing a great job with the story but the art and color are going to knock your socks off. I am simply amazed at how good it all looks and the way the colors meld together to really give the flashback scenes a surreal feeling. The layout of the panels and the focus on certain elements truly makes reading this an experience.

So who is Barry Allen? If you've been wondering, this is where you'll find out. Besides just giving us a look back at his early days, we also get a feeling that Barry is actually human. You can clearly get a feel for who he is and what he's going through. That makes reading his adventures more exciting and enjoyable.

The Bad

Nothing. This is what I want from a zero issue.

The Verdict

If you've been wondering what Barry Allen's early days were like, this is where we get some answers. There is still a lot to learn about the New 52 Universe but we're getting a clearer picture on who Barry Allen is compared to what we've seen in the pre-New 52. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato seamlessly pull double duty on the writing and art (and color). Not only is this a great look at Barry's early days and childhood but it's simply a beautiful comic as well. Seeing the way they present their stories is like being spoiled. It looks amazing and you can't get enough of the story or art.


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