what happened to the lights

#1 Posted by HopesummersFORtheFUTURE (5197 posts) - - Show Bio

they just dont excist any more....i know hope mentioned them in avx consequences 2 or 3 btu is that the end of there story???

i miss laurie and gabriel

#2 Edited by Blood1991 (8115 posts) - - Show Bio

I guess they are somewhere doing something. Ide is still around in WATX for whatever reason.

#3 Posted by JonSmith (4332 posts) - - Show Bio

Magik took them to Limbo when no one was looking. And left them there.

For laughs.

#4 Posted by The Stegman (30050 posts) - - Show Bio

They served their purpose apparently.

#5 Posted by lykopis (10868 posts) - - Show Bio

Off to the background you go Lights, in comes the Original Five.

#6 Edited by Mutant God (3476 posts) - - Show Bio

they were probably force to the school like the rest of the Utopian teens

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