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Once the dust had settled from the events of Second Coming, Cerebro Picked up five new mutant signatures. A team was sent to each location, to monitor the new mutants until Hope was able to reach them.



Laurie was a college student when her mutation started. Her hair began to fall out and she was in incredible pain. Iceman and Angel were sent to watch over her. By the time Hope reached her, Laurie was about to jump of the building and kill herself. Hope jumped after and through the contact allowed Laurie's mutation to activate fully, her skin became blue and she was able to fly. She flew them to back to the roof, where she expressed how much she felt towards Hope.



Gabriel was a promising student, he was about to finish High school and had big plans for his future. He wanted to leave Mexico and travel north, enter the Ivy League, but his mutation activated. Suddenly he was in more pain than he ever imagined. His mind is going faster and faster, everything at once, then Psylocke and Cecilia arrive and Cecilia gives him a seditive that helped a little. When they returned to the room, they found him missing, yet Psylocke still felt him in the room. Using Cecilia's powers, she was able to keep him from escaping until Hope arrives. When Hope enters the room, she was able to make contact and brought Gabriel back. He came back and looked as if a great deal of time past. He now has a full beard and long untrimmed fingernails. He said it felt like he was running forever.



Idie is only 12 when her powers activated she killed a few people on accident. The villiage saw her as a witch and planned on killing her. She went to the church in the villiage and stayed there, praying that God would send her angels to help. right before the men were about to storm the church to kill her, Hope arrived with Storm. Storm threatend the men and proceded to enter the church with Hope. Idie's powers were still out of control, she blasted her flames toward Storm, she was able to block the blast so no harm was done. After that, the room filled with ice. Idie explains that she gets really hot and then really cold. After she calmed down, Hope was able to make contact and fully activate her powers. Storm was able to get Idie to step out of the church, Storm told the men that Idie was under her protection, the men fired anyway. Idie used her powers instantly, melting the bullets and destroying the vehicles. The men fleed with their lives.



The light in Kiev elluded the X-Men on several attempts to make contact. The man identified as Teon seems to have gone feral and is seeing the world as two options, mate and fight. While the X-Men sought him, he seems to have tried to assualt several women who would be the alpha woman around. Beyond that he fights anyone that seems to pose any threat. Teon bounces from one country to another, Gabriel theorized that he was climbing into the wheel-well of planes. While in Miami Florida, Teom attacks the team while in the hotel. He is not sure if Hope is mate or fight worthy. He decides that Hope is mate worthy while the rest of the team is fight worthy. Teon attacks Hope but Gabriel stops him. Teon stops Gabriel and is set a flame by Idie. Laurie gets the jacket of Teon and Rouge grabs him. Hope is able to make contact and introduces a new status into Teon's world, Master.



The Team heads to Tokyo to help the final light, Kenji. Kenji's powers have already become completely out of control and he kills several people. Cyclops tells Hope to stay back until him and Wolverine can get the situation under control, Hope refuses this and when Rogue tries to stop her, Hope tell Teon to attack. Hope and Gabriel head for Kenji, when Hope is about to make contact, Kenji dodges and retracts his tenticles back into the building. Hope and Gabriel head into the building and Hope finds Kenji sitting in the room by himself. Kenji attacks and forces her against the wall and is somehow able to project his thoughts into her mind. Hope uses kenjis powers to try to constrain him but fails and Kenji is about to drop her from above the building. Cyclops shout for Rogue to go save her, but before he can finish Gabriel races and grabs her. Hope is unconcious after using Kenji's powers. Kenji attacks the team and Idie stops a gas truck from exploding and blasts Kenji.

Kenji is sent off and Cyclops, Wolverine and Rogue go after him. Cyclops tells Rogue to make contact but when she does, she is quickly overwhelmed by Kenji. Kenji is so confused and overwhemled by his power he isn't sure what is real. Kenji them transforms into a large monster and and heads torward the city. Cyclops says that they have to take him out to avoid any other casualities. The other lights get a bad feeling and try to wake Hope up because she is the only one that can stop Kenji before he is killed. Hope wakes up and forms a plan quickly to stop Cyclops from killing Kenji. Laurie is the only one to doubt Hope. Hope has Teon stop Wolverine from killing Kenji. Idie freezes the water nearby and sets a fire wall to stop Kenji from attacking the building. Gabriel and Hope go directly at Kenji to make contact. Kenji seperates them and Gabriel begins to fall of the now giant Kenji monster. Laurie changes her mind and swoops into save Gabriel. Hope than uses Kenji's powers again too attack Kenji and send a message to Cyclops to trust her. During the battle of fleshy monsters, Hope is able to save Kenji and make contact to save him. She then passes out from the strain of using her powers.

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