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Mutant politics and love affairs

It's the birth of mutant kind and the US government is worried about it, which leads to a program whose main goal is to track down individuals with abilities and neutralize them, it's the beginning of Human Vs Mutants. But there is a person that will not let this happen so easily: Wolverine. Being procured by a friend of the past to search his missing kid (Bomb - Anthony), Logan finds himself in a crusade to save emprisioned mutants by the FBI and train them, give them a home to call their own,it's the beginning of Charles Xavier's dream.I saw a lot of hate towards this title in the internet,all the main specialized sites(multiversitycomics,comicbooksresource,ign etc),all of them serving harsh critics to this series,but I really didn't see such a bad story here after all.It was insteresting seeing Logan(whose past will prove to be an ace in the hole for Marvel)as the one responsible to seed into Xavier's mind the necessary spirit or ideas for him to start his school.Also,it was very good to see Logan meeting Magneto, Namor.This was an attempt also to justify Logan as headmaster of Jean Grey School:in the story he doubts himself as a leader,as someone able to fullfil this dream,to give hope and prepare the kids to all the hate they will face in the future. This was an interesting perspective of the story,that didn't focused only in the action,the fact that Logan did spend time training these kids.The new characters were also good:Bomb,Holo,but there were some lame characters in this series too:Yeti,Virus(though in issue number 4 we get to see a little about his past,but still he's a terrible character).One of the most interesting things was learning a new facet about Creed,seeing he falling in love,then an explanation of all the hatred directed to Logan.Other interesting element in this issue was the connection with Bolivar Trask's sentinels,their origins per say.Neal Adams is a legend in the business,some like his style a lot,others just hate it,myself I tend to believe he has his skills,but a lot of flaws too,but overall the art wasn't bad,it was consistent,just didn't like the way he penciled Logan's claws,but he delivered some excellent action scenes,especially the ones in the second issue,when Logan's crew fight Magneto and in the fifth issue, when they're fighting the Sentinels. This was an interesting experiment, not necessarily true, especially because nowadays it's too hard to tell when (and if) Marvel is playing the continuity game or not, abiding to it, but the fact is it was a good take on the characters, showing Xavier's and Magneto's evolutions of thought, also establishing Logan as someone who's able to run a faculty!


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