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Creation - J. R. R. Tolkien

The group was assembled in Rivendell during the Council of Elrond where Frodo decided to take the One Ring to the Mount Doom to be unmade. It was decided that each Free People of Middle-earth should be represented for this mission would effect all of them drastically if it were to fail. Aragorn and Boromir for Man, Legolas of Mirkwood for the Elves, Gimli for the Dwarves and the three Hobbits Sam , Pippin and Merry for the Shire. All of whom were entrusted to lead Frodo, ringbearer through the lands of #mordor.

The companions ventured through the Mines of Moria after their orignial route over the mountains became impassible due to a blizzard. It was while transitting the Moria Mines that Gandalf the Grey vanished after giving his life to battle the demon-beast Balrog, enabling the rest of the Fellowship to escape. Aragorn became the leader, but the Fellowship split up after Boromir was killed by a hail of Attack of the Uruk Hai arrows (Orcs) whilst defending hobbits Merry and Pippin.

During the battle, Frodo and Sam departed alone, venturing towards Mount Doom where they finally destroyed the Ring and put an end to the war.

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