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Plot Summary

After creating a group known as the Aesir; mainly to combat vigilant heroes, Avatarr decided to also build the floating city known as Valhalla to house the Aesir. But soon afterwards Jordan Boone and the man-beast Ravage investigated Valhalla, with Ravage discovering a considerable weakness in the engines; which maintained the city afloat.(Anti gravity engines which allowed the city to remain in the sky) However Boone became more interested in becoming a superhuman to keep up with his friend, Meanstreak. Boone soon found a way to trick his way in to the Aesir program and influence them to eventually make him become the 2099s Loki, while Ravage joined both the X-Men and Doom. Soon afterwards X-Men and Doom fought with the Aesir, resulting in the death of Heimdell with the help of Loki. Doom then began to battle 2099s Thor. This battle eventually led to a great explosion, separating both Thor and Doom. Although, both soon regrouped separately, with Avatarr reminding Thor of his mortality, while Doom joined 2099s Spider-man, Punisher and Ravage. Doom's group eventually took control of Valhalla, when soon afterwards the engines maintaining the city afloat began to malfunction and caused the city to collapse upon New York. During this time the X-Men gathered the workers at Valhalla and brought them to safety. However after Punisher used Thor's recognition as Jake Gallows, the team of 2099 heroes threw Thor's hammer in to the engines causing the engines to begin stabilizing and work again once more. In the end, Doom claimed Valhalla for himself and was made a province of Latveria. The majority of Aesir perished in battle, with Loki and Hela being some of the few to survive.

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