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The Face

A rather odd metahuman, who has no head and his face on his torso, The Face has the power to fire energy blasts. Face was defeated by Aquagirl, and spent most of his time in captivity being brainwashed to serve Clock King. He later became a part of Clock King's Martyr Militia, and rampaged through Los Angeles until his brainwashing was undone by Miss Martian in her disguise as Star-Spangled Kid. Face joined in with the other metahumans and helped defeat the Terror Titans.

He was brought to Titans Tower in San Francisco by Miss Martian, along with most of the other teen metahumans whom she freed from the Club. Wonder Girl offered most of them a place to stay at the Tower until they fully recuperated from their ordeals with the Club. In his short time there, Face acted completely rude and crude to the other teens, asking Young Frankenstein if he had "all his parts" and hitting on Aquagirl and Miss Martian. Finally, he was beaten down by Aquagirl when she had had enough of his lewd comments. Humiliated, Face left the Tower, but stuck around long enough to decide to get revenge on the Titans. However, he was taken by surprise by the Tower's security system, possessed by Jericho, and killed. 


 The Face can fire energy blasts from his eyes and mouth.

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