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Every hero has his foes and every now and then those foes band together to form a supergroup of baddies in an attempt to up their probability of success in whatever heist they are planning.  The first incarnation of the Evileers was a group aimed at the brown Tick, or Barry Hubris.  Ironically, when Barry loses the right to the Tick name, he joins the Evileers in an attempt at defeating the blue Tick so as to get his name back.  The Evileers would have no problem attacking the Tick, as they thought that he was the original Tick they had targeted in the past.  Regardless of who the Tick was, the Evileers became a constant nuisance to justice, and therefore a constant enemy of the Tick.

Other Media

In "The Tick" animated series, a similar group was led by the Terror.  This group was called the Legion of Terror and was peopled by the Man-Eating Cow, the Human Ton (and his handy friend Handy), Stalingrad, and Tuun-La.  Other members of the comic Evileers may not have been in the Legion of Terror, but they did make appearances throughout the series on their own adventures.

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