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Engineer Sketch by Joe Benitez

The Engineer, or Cain, first appeared at the end of Lady Mechanika #1. While Lady Mechanika carried the body of the dead girl, Cain appeared and stole the body for reasons unknown at the time. Lady Mechanika had no idea who her attacker was. The only clue as to the identity of this mysterious assailant was a name: Mr. Cain.


Lady Mechanika went to meet Mr. Lewis so that she could ask him for information pertaining to The Engineer. Mr. Lewis used to work for Blackpool Armaments. He said that The Engineer was before his time at Blackpool Armaments but everybody had heard of him. The Engineer was responsible for crafting many awe inspiring creations. Mr. Lewis called him a god at his craft. He said that Cain conceived of ideas that no one could fathom. There were rumors of experiments on human subjects that were done in Cain's laboratory. This could very well be the man that experimented on Lady Mechanika and gave her the Mechanik arms that make her so unique. Some claimed that Cain might have been performing dark rituals or magic down in his laboratory. Only some of these rumors might be true but what can be said is that Cain liked his privacy. Cain left Blackpool Armaments ans his whereabouts are unknown.  



Cain, also known as the Engineer, is created by Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald, and first appeared in Lady Mechanika #1. 


Cain's 1st Appearance

Cain has demonstrated telekinetic abilities when he was able to push Lady Mechanika away with the mere raise of his arm. He further demonstrated this ability by summoning the body of the dead girl with the clench of his fist. His intelligence and ingenuity, are of the highest reputation. His ability to create and construct are considered to bring awe.   

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