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 Eliminator vs the Thing.
The Eliminator was targeting the Fantastic Four because they were friends with Agatha Harkness and his solemn duty was to eliminate all evidence ever dwelt by the powerful witch. The Eliminator captured the Human Torch and brought him to an abandoned home in Whisper Hill. The rest of the Fantastic Four searched for Johnny Storm when their vehicle was caught in a tractor beam and they crashed in front of the manor. The Eliminator attacked when Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and the Thing found their missing teammate. The Eliminator believed he had killed Sue Storm with his omni-beam but she just turned invisible before the blinding flash faded. She was hiding in the shadows and protected her family when the Eliminator believed he had eliminated the Fantastic Four. The Eliminator started a self-destruct sequence because he thought he completed his mission but was shocked when the Fantastic Four was still alive. The Fantastic Four escaped and the Eliminator was destroyed in the explosion.  


The Eliminator was created by Len Wein, George Perez and Joe Sinnott in 1977 and first appeared in Fantastic Four # 184.   

Powers & Abilities

The Eliminator was some type of cyborg or robot with superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. The Eliminator's suit possessed various offensive capabilities including incendiary-jets from his fingertips, vacuum-vents built into his boots and an omni-beam he fired from his brow. The Eliminator's right hand was a mallet or hammer that produced powerful shockwaves when he hit the ground with it.

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